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Discover Why Small Pet Select’s Hay is the #1 Choice for Small Pets!

2lb Small Pet Select Premium Hay

At Small Pet Select, we believe your small pet deserves the very best. We handpick and handpack every box to ensure superior freshness, optimal texture, minimal dust, and a perfect blend of nutrients.

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Why Choose Small Pet Select Hay?

Top Quality, Every Time

Our hay is carefully hand-selected from the very best farms in the USA. We prioritize freshness, texture, and nutritional value to ensure your pets receive only the finest.

Hand-Packed with Love

Every Small Pet Select box is hand-selected and hand-packed to ensure your furry friends receive the freshest, highest quality hay delivered straight to your doorstep.

Freshness You Can See and Smell

Your pets deserve the best, and with our premium hay, you'll see the difference in their health and happiness. Get ready to upgrade their diet with the greenest, freshest hay on the market!

Fast & Furriest Shipping

It's our top priority to get your packages to you swiftly. We pride ourselves on shipping faster than Amazon! Our packages arrive on your front door step on average of 1.7 business days.

Ready to Treat Your
Pets to the Best?

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Sarah M.


I never knew hay could be so fresh and green until I tried Small Pet Select. My rabbits absolutely love it!

Jake T.

Love This Hay!

Switching to Small Pet Select hay made a huge difference in my guinea pig's health and happiness. Highly recommend!

Renee R.

Great Stuff!!

I have 2 buns getting a bit older, one of which is very difficult to get to eat his hay, has chronic GI stasis issues, and had lost a little weight. The vet suggested we start offering some more alfalfa. I messed up very badly and purchased a bag of "very popular trusted" brand from the chain store. It was awful, yellow, dry, mostly sticks, nobunnRead more about review stating Great stuff!

Rhett T.

Happy bun

He gets so excited for his hay he'll binky even though he eats it all day long. He won't even eat oxbow hay anymore so be warned, you might spoil your rabbit lol. I don't mind, I'm glad I can give him something good.

Olivia G.


i’m so happy i found this hay so my bunny can keep up his hay intake! he’s so picky with his hay and refuses to eat any kind except small pet select. i’m so happy i found this hay for him so he can stay healthy. he even refuses to eat 2nd or 1st cutting, HAS to be this brand and 3rd cutting!

Fathimath A.

Small Pet Select hay is elite

I never knew hay could be so fresh and green until I tried Small Pet Select. My rabbits absolutely love it!

See why small pets love our premium hay!













All About Small Pet Select Hay

Join the Small Pet Select family and see the difference our Premium Select Hay can make on the health and happiness of your furry friend.

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