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Habitats and Accessories for Chinchillas

We work 'round the clock bringing the best accessories for your chinchilla to your front door.

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Chinchilla accessories to make any chin feel at home.


Everyone needs a few awesome accessories; are we right?! Chinchillas included. 

Is your chinchilla a little stinky? You’ve gotta give Fizzion a try. Our customers say it really works. And so do we. Need a new hay manger? We’ve got a nice big one for sale. (Plus it’s made out of premium kiln-dried #2 pine.) New cuddle pod? We’ve got you covered. Creating fun, cozy spaces for your chinchillas not only makes their lives better, but can help prevent naughty behaviors and make your life easier, too! And that’s a win for both chinchilla parents and their littles.

We work 'round the clock to bring the best accessories for your chinchilla to your front door. You won’t be disappointed when you buy ‘em. And neither will your chin.

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