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Hay for Guinea Pigs

Hay is the most important part of your guinea pig's diet. Which hay is best for your cavy? Check here. 

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The greenest and freshest hay for guinea pigs. Every box hand packaged!


Wanna know the most important thing on our entire site? HAY! Every guinea pig should have fresh hay, all of the time.

Small Pet Select believes that everything your guinea pig chews, eats, inhales, stands on or comes in contact with has to be totally safe. No exceptions. Period. Every single detail is important.

Our hay is personally selected by our staff and hand-packed. It’s the freshest hay available to buy. We’re so confident that it’s the freshest on the market, that we have a 100% guarantee if your purchase isn’t great. 

Check out all of the hay types we have. Mix and Match. Try an assortment. Let your cavy do some taste testing. You’ll feel, see and smell the difference. And so will your guinea pig. We’d bet on it.


Guinea Pig Hay Feeding

Birth - 4 weeks Alfalfa Unlimited
4-7 weeks Alfalfa Unlimited
7 weeks - 7 months Alfalfa Unlimited
7 months - 1 year Timothy, Oat, Orchard, Other (and decrease alfalfa) Unlimited
1 year + Timothy, Oat, Orchard, Other Unlimited

Do you have everything you need for your guinea pig? Hay, which comes in a few different varieties, is essential to your guinea pig’s health and happiness. Skip over the big box store stuff and head straight to the source with our hand-chosen Timothy hay, orchard, alfalfa, and more. Your piggy will popcorn as soon as she smells the freshness!

Choosing the Right Guinea Pig Hay 

You won’t find Timothy, oat, and alfalfa hay like this for sale in just any store.

We offer several different types of hay, varying in its use, fiber content, protein content, and fat content. With no two piggies built alike, you may need different types of hay at various stages of your small animal’s life cycle.

The Basics of Timothy Hay
Timothy hay is a popular type of grass hay, often considered the “gold standard” because of its nutritional profile. Our Timothy hay for guinea pigs is hand-selected for freshness and available in three cuttings.

Our 1st Cutting Timothy hay is for guinea pigs who need to lose a little weight, suffer from GI upset, and/or need to wear down their teeth. It’s rich with stem growth, but low on leaf. While this hay is high in fiber, it’s also low in protein and fat.

Our 2nd Cutting Timothy hay is the perfect balance for adults. With its bouncy stem and medium leaf, its standard levels of fiber, protein, and fat give this hay the right amount of nutrients for long-term health.

Our 3rd Cutting Timothy hay is for picky piggies who could use some excitement in their diet regimen, those who need to gain weight, and/or those who are experiencing mouth pain. This soft, green cut is low in fiber, but high in protein and fat. 

While Timothy is a wonderful choice for many, we also offer other options for guinea pigs, including alfalfa  and orchardhay.

Are You A Brand New Guinea Pig Parent?

First, welcome to the small animal club! You’ll quickly see just how lovable and charismatic cavies can be. Our guinea pig bedding & pellet bundle has everything you’ll need to make sure your guinea pig has a comfortable transition into your home. With bedding, Timothy hay, pelleted food, treats, and even a toy, this kit will set you up for success with your new family member.

Try Our Treat Hays, Too!

Guinea pigs are just like us and every now and then they enjoy a tasty treat. Our gourmet hays are a wonderful addition to your cavy’s regular diet.

Why Our Hay Is the Best

Our hay is personally selected by our staff and hand-packed in breathable boxes to ensure the freshest delivery to your front door. Not only that, but we have access to Washington’s freshest, tastiest, and softest small animal hay. We source all of our hay from farmers who are the best in the business and uphold the highest standards when we select our hay. 

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