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Picky Pet Promise

Our Picky Pet Promise Was Designed For The Pickiest Of
Furry Friends —100% Guaranteed.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Small Pet Select, we have one priority:
Ensuring you and your pet are thrilled with our products.
That’s why we offer our one-of-a-kind Picky Pet Promise:We believe even the pickiest of pets will love our farm fresh essentials.
And if for some reason they don’t —we offer 100% satisfaction.
No hassle. No questions. No problem!
Because both you and your pet deserve the best.
Isn’t that the way it should be?

Trusted By Over 80,000+ Pet Parents Around The Country...Are You Next?

Picky Pet Approved

Small Pet Select came to life when the owner’s picky piggy wouldn’t eat her food. Her owner Laurie tried all the store brands, but Lizzie refused them.(We told you she was picky.)
And then when her son Billy got an idea —the family lived in Ellensburg, WA, the hay capital of the world! Billy went on a quest to bring the guinea pig the nicest and freshest Washington Hay...and she chowed down.Thus, Small Pet Select was born. From our picky pets to yours with love.And for 8 years, we've been serving the pickiest of pets.Is yours next?

Our Pet Parents Said It Best...

Read reviews from real people, just like you

Joni F.

verified buyer

Superb quality, bunny approved!

I had to fight my bunny, Silver, just to get the hay rack into the hutch when he got a whiff of this hay! I fed some to him by hand, piece by piece, and it was like feeding branches into a wood chipper. He went through it that fast! He likes this Timothy has so much better than the previous brand I was feeding him, so there is a lot less waste.

Tracy S.

verified buyer

Quality pellets for a quality bun

TextRabbit approved! These are his favorite pallets. He can’t wait for meal time. We love that we’re feeding him a healthy product.

Mary H.

verified buyer

Vitalicious essentials daily superfood

My bunny DOVE into this stuff. She loves it!

Kamilah G.

verified buyer

Multi Function

This table is worth the price. First, it’s large and sturdy so it will last a long while. Second, it’s multi functional so you get your moneys worth. As is it’s a great chew toy for your rabbit. Then you can hang things from it making it a fun tension toy. You can also sprinkle forage mix or pellets on the scratch platform making it a fun treat se

ssion for your rabbit. They can hop on top, forage underneath, chew and pull.

Ryan G.

verified buyer

Guinea's love it!

My 2 female piglets go crazy for these as soon as I open the bag. Very good pea flakes compared to other companies that I have tried in the past. Good quality too, not all smashed or crushed up as I've experienced with a different company.

Colleen L.

verified buyer

Simply the best!

We love this pine pellet litter for our bunny. Absorbs well with no odor!

Laura B.

verified buyer

Bunny loves it!!

My sweet bunny loves this so much. He is so busy with it for at least three to four days. I bought the platform and then the refills so I have some on hand. He’s 9 years old and it’s important for me to keep him engaged! Thank you so much for always having the best quality stuff for Fluffy. He is a cherished member of my family and I’m happy to kn

ow that you are there with food, treats, sweet fresh hay and toys!

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