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Every Detail is Important:
The Passion Behind Our Pure Ingredient Philosophy

Premium Quality

We meticulously source premium, all-natural ingredients to ensure your pets receive the best nutrition.

Sustainably Sourced

Every ingredient is handpicked, ensuring not just delicious nutrients, but also a commitment to sustainable sourcing

Pure & Safe

Safe and healthy nourishment for your pets in every product.

Crafted with Care

Trust that our products are crafted with care and a deep commitment to your pet's health and well-being

Quality at the Heart of Everything we do...

Our passion at Small Pet Select is to provide the very best in natural, wholesome pet care. Every product we offer is either handmade or hand picked — a testament to our dedication to quality. From hay and bedding to toys and herbal blends, we refuse to accept anything other than the finest, most nutritious, and natural ingredients. This is our promise to you and your beloved pets.

Bill Gordon, CEO, Small Pet Select

All Natural Toys

In our quest to deliver unparalleled quality, the sourcing and ingredients of our pet toys reflect a profound commitment to natural, healthy products. Nestled in the lush landscapes of West Virginia, a small, family-run farm is where the magic begins.

Here, there's a cultivation of organic materials like rye, clover, and alfalfa, ensuring each ingredient thrives under strict organic farming practices.

This approach sets us apart in an industry saturated with mass-produced, plastic alternatives.

Our commitment extends beyond the tangible product. It's a celebration of organic, sustainable practices that resonate with pet owners who seek only the best for their furry companions.

Timothy Hay

Our Timothy Hay is hand selected by our owners during each years summer harvest. Thousands of miles are traveled to farms, each hay is sampled, brought back, and compared/scrutinized with one another until only the highest quality is chosen. This dedication is our pledge to you: in every tender blade of hay lies our unyielding commitment to your pet's health and happiness, a testament to our relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.

Healthy Snacks & Treats

In the heart of Washington State, Small Pet Select crafts a unique line of handmade treats, where passion for pet health meets culinary expertise. Tammy, our seasoned baker with over 13 years in the field, leads the charge in our kitchen, turning simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces for small pets.

Our approach is simple yet profound: prioritize handmade quality over mass production.

This philosophy resonates in every crunchy and chewy treat we offer, tailored to the diverse tastes and dietary needs of small pets.

It's not just about making treats; it's about crafting experiences that cater to the well-being of your furry companions.

Our treats are 100% natural, free from any additives, ensuring they meet the natural dietary requirements of small pets.

Herbal Blends

Understanding the need for diversity in a small pet's diet, Small Pet Select meticulously sources a variety of all-natural herbal blends. Recognizing the significance of variety for health and enrichment, we incorporate ingredients like chamomile, elderflower, and dandelion, among others, to cater to the natural foraging behaviors of rabbits. This approach not only enhances the nutritional profile of their diet but also ensures a safe and healthy option for pet owners seeking to spice up their furry friends' meals. By prioritizing high-quality, human-grade ingredients, Small Pet Select guarantees each blend is as beneficial as it is diverse, perfectly mimicking the natural eating habits of rabbits in the wild.

Habitats and Accessories

Our woodshop creations are more than just habitats or accessories; they are a personal commitment to quality.

Handcrafted one at a time in our very own workshop in Washington State, these unique creations are the result of skilled hands meticulously shaping all-natural, untreated wood.

These are not just products; they're individual expressions of passion and care, ensuring each piece is as unique and cherished as the pets they're designed for.

Remedies and Supplements

At Small Pet Select we're on a mission to redefine how we think about pet health and nutrition, partnering with none other than Dr. Gary Pusillo. Dr. Pusillo, a pioneer in plant-based animal nutrition, scours rainforests and jungles, unlocking nature's pharmacy to bring back not just ingredients, but solutions. His ethos? Keep it natural, keep it whole, ensure it's bio-available. This philosophy marries perfectly with Small Pet Select's own, where the journey from seed to sprout to your pet's health is meticulously curated for cleanliness, safety, and environmental harmony.

Dr. Gary Pusillo, BS, MS, PhD
Animal Nutrition Expert

Chicken Feed & Scratch

Small Pet Select sources their chicken products from partners committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices. By prioritizing local, fresh ingredients and focusing on Non-GMO, soy-free options, we ensure chickens receive nutrition that's not only wholesome but also environmentally responsible. This approach highlights our dedication to providing pets with the best, most natural diet possible, mirroring Small Pet Select's overarching philosophy of health and sustainability for all pets.

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