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Litter for Cats

Good cat litter goes a long way... and we only want the best for feline friends. Ours is safe, too.

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Picky paws? Our cat litter is tried, tested, and feline-approved.


Give your cat the crème de la crème of kitty litter. We love cats, so we decided to add the most purrfect litter to our assortment. Our litter is top-of-the-line-quality: 100% all-natural pelleted pine, triple screened by hand and totally eco-friendly. Who wouldn’t want to buy that?!

Whats even better? Our premium pelleted pine litter is super absorbent and low dust, making it safe and comfortable for small animals. Want to win even more? Add your kitty litter to an auto-ship order and save an extra 5% each time! 

Your cat’s health is Small Pet Selects #1 priority. We believe in our product so much that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take your feline to a new level of happiness when you shop our litter. They’ll love you for it, and you may even get a few extra snuggles. (If your cat is a snuggler.)

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