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$ 7.99

Made with our own hands, these are human-grade and plain awesome. Human-grade ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. These come in 5 flavors, all little animal favorites!

$ 4.99

No pesticides or other nasty chemicals here - our papaya chunks are organic.  Dried organic papaya chunks are packed with nutrients like beta-carotene, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.  Plus, there's the yumminess factor.Don't go crazy though - like all fruit, even...

$ 5.99

A great treat for every pet. These  Dried Strawberries are all natural and will provide the needed vitamin c for your pet.Feeding Suggestion:Take a strawberry slice and place around cage. Feed in Moderation.

$ 5.99

These banana chips will have your pet begging for more. They are also an excellent source of vitamin c.Feeding Suggestion:Take a chip and place around cage for foraging.

$ 10.99

These are such a treat, even we want to eat them!  These are all natural, untreated pine cones dunked in human-grade fruit puree, then rolled in gorgeous and healthy botanicals.  The cones themselves are small, which we like because you...

$ 6.99

A relative of the papaya, these are meant for animals who are in great shape , since they are relatively high in calories.  Funny little orangish balls of goodness.  Limit intake to one per week, no matter how much begging...

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No dairy here, and hardly any sugar.  We've got treats with good fiber, & safe ingredients.  Because everything your animal eats is important!