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$ 15.99

We went out and found the safest and best quality shaved wood bedding. Our aspen shaving bedding is made from wood shaved from logs, not from the potentially dangerous fibers from reclaimed paper production.  (This reclaimed fiber is called "sludge", and...

$ 19.99

The softest stuff, with no dyes, bleaches, or other dangerous stuff! This paper bedding is comfy and controls odor without any additives. Low in dust, it doesn't aggravate little respiratory tracts. It comes nice and compacted, easy to use, easy to store.

Bedding should be absorbent, sure.  But it should also be free of dyes, perfumes, and respiratory irritants.  Good bedding is absorbent and provides natural odor control, and can help avoid urine scald and bumblefoot.  We took all this in to consideration when choosing the materials for our bedding - so your little friend stays safe and comfy.