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Award Winning Timothy hay.

Here at Small Pet Select, we have the freshest and yummiest hay for your small animal.

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Fresh, fragrant, and hand packaged. This is the best hay for rabbits!


Wanna know the most important thing on our entire site? HAY! Every rabbit should have fresh hay, all of the time.

Small Pet Select believes that everything your rabbit chews, eats, inhales, stands on, or comes in contact with has to be totally safe. No exceptions. Period. Every single detail is important.

Our hay is personally selected by our staff and hand-packed. It’s the freshest hay available to buy. We’re so confident that it’s the freshest on the market, that we have a 100% guarantee if your purchase isn’t great. 

Check out all of the hay types we have. Mix and Match. Try an assortment. Let your bun do some taste testing. You’ll feel, see and smell the difference. And so will your rabbit. We’d bet on it. Purchase only the freshest hay for your bun!

Rabbit Hay Feeding 

Hay is essential to a rabbit’s good health, and should make up 80% (ish) of their diet when they’re an appropriate age. Before 3 weeks, your rabbit should be relying solely on his mother’s milk. Of course, as they get older, you should supplement diet with Timothy-based pellets, and safe fruits and veggies.  

3-4 weeks Alfalfa Some nibbles
4-7 weeks Alfalfa Unlimited
7 weeks - 7 months Alfalfa Unlimited
7 months - 1 year Timothy, Oat, Orchard, Other (and decrease alfalfa) Unlimited
1 year + Timothy, Oat, Orchard, Other Unlimited

Choosing the Right Hay for Rabbits

Although 2nd cut Timothy hay is the standard for healthy adult buns, mixing and matching is good too... it keeps things interesting.

The Basics of Timothy Hay for Rabbits 
Timothy hay is a popular option for bunny hay. Ours is selected for its freshness and available in three cuttings, so you can choose the best fit for your bunny.

1st cutting Timothy hay is high in fiber, but low in protein and fat. It’s great for weight management and GI issues, and helps wear down bunny teeth with its rich stem growth and low leaf.

2nd cutting Timothy hay has a bouncy stem and medium leaf. Its standard levels of fiber, protein, and fat make it the perfect hay for adult rabbits. 

3rd cutting Timothy hay is low in fiber, high in protein and fat, so it’s the best hay type for bunnies looking to liven up their diets and work on weight management. Its soft texture is also ideal for bunnies dealing with mouth pain.

Did You Know?

You can encourage your small animal’s curiosity through play, and hay is great for this. Rabbits especially love hanging hay mobiles, like this one, to tug on for a healthy helping. Not only does playtime stimulate a rabbit’s mind, it allows them to practice natural behaviors.

Rabbits Love Different Hays, Too!

Your bunny will love mixed hay as a tasty add-on to their daily diet. Try our orchardhay. YUM. Or if you want to really see some magic, our gourmet hay is pretty great.

Why Our Hay Is the Best

It's personally selected by our staff and hand-packed in breathable boxes to ensure the freshest delivery to your front door. Not only that, but we have access to Washington’s freshest, tastiest, and softest small animal hay. We source all of our hay from farmers who are the best in the business. You’ll feel, see, and smell the difference. And so will your pet. Binky promise.  



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