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Small Pet Select - 2lb Premium Hay

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Product Highlights:

  • Choose from 1st Cutting, 2nd Cutting, 3rd Cutting, Alfalfa, Orchard, or Oat Hay!
  • Our Timothy Hay is hand selected by our owners during each years summer harvest. Only the most premium, high quality hay is selected. 
  • Hand-packaged and delivered straight to your door!
  • 100% Fresh, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We recommend this product for:

Small Pet Select hay is for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets. 


Discover the ultimate in hay quality with Small Pet Select Hay, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique dietary needs of your small pets. Our premium selection includes Orchard Hay, 2nd Cutting Timothy, 1st Cutting Timothy, 3rd Cutting Timothy, Alfalfa, and Oat Hay, each offering a distinct texture, flavor, and nutritional profile to ensure your furry friends stay healthy and happy.

Orchard Hay: Soft and sweet, Orchard Hay is a favorite among picky eaters. Its delightful aroma and tender texture make it an irresistible choice, while its high fiber content supports healthy digestion and dental health.

2nd Cutting Timothy Hay: Perfectly balanced, 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay offers a mix of leafy and stemmy pieces, providing the ideal blend of nutrients and fiber. This cut is moderate in protein and perfect for adult rabbits and guinea pigs, ensuring they receive the right amount of nutrition without overloading their system.

1st Cutting Timothy Hay: For those in need of a high-fiber diet, 1st Cutting Timothy Hay is the way to go. Its coarser texture is excellent for promoting dental health and keeping your pet's digestive system in top shape.

3rd Cutting Timothy Hay: If your pet prefers softer, leafier hay, 3rd Cutting Timothy Hay is the perfect choice. It’s softer and more palatable, making it ideal for finicky eaters while still providing essential nutrients and fiber.

Alfalfa Hay: Rich in protein and calcium, Alfalfa Hay is the go-to option for young, growing, and lactating pets. Its nutrient-dense profile supports growth and development, making it an essential part of a young pet's diet.

Oat Hay: Add some variety to your pet's diet with Oat Hay, known for its unique texture and flavor. Packed with essential nutrients, it's an excellent choice for providing a balanced diet and keeping your pet engaged at mealtime.

At Small Pet Select, we prioritize the health and happiness of your pets. Our hay is carefully harvested, hand-packed, and shipped at peak freshness to ensure maximum nutritional value and satisfaction. We are committed to providing the highest quality hay, and we back this with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, we’re here to make it right.

Choose Small Pet Select Hay for a diverse, nutrient-rich, and delicious diet that your small pets will love and thrive on.

Feeding Instructions: 

80% of your friend's diet should be great hay. Small animals need a constant supply of fiber to keep them healthy, so never let them run out. Ever. To keep the hay smelling nice (which makes it yummier and more enticing), make sure they get a fresh supply at least once a day.  

Sourcing Location: 

Pacific Northwest, USA

Storage and Expiration Info:

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Dimensions and Weights:

2lb (.91kg)

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