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2nd Cut Timothy + Bedding

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Product Highlights:

  • All-in-one shopping: 2nd cut Timothy hay + bedding
  • Made in the USA
  • Save time buying bundles!

We recommend this product for:

Our 2nd cutting Timothy hay/bedding bundle is perfect for rabbits and guinea pigs. 


Looking for an easier way to order your favorite small animal supplies and necessities? We’ve created the best bundle for your rabbits and guinea pigs: scrumptious 2nd cutting Timothy hay and super soft bedding.

Our 2nd cutting Timothy hay is leafy with soft stem, and a medium amount of flowery heads. (Small animals love the flowery heads… yum!) The texture and fiber amount is in between 1st and 3rd cutting, and many pet parents consider 2nd cutting to be the best of both worlds. (It’s the most popular hay we sell.)

2nd cutting Timothy hay is green in color but may be mixed with yellow/brown depending on weather and growing conditions. This is totally normal and not harmful to your animal. Hay is a natural product.

If you’re wanting more details on how 2nd cutting Timothy hay compares to other types of hay, we’re here to help. We explain many of the different types of hay here, but to summarize, the most common types are Timothy hay (1st, 2nd, and 3rd cutting), alfalfa hay, orchard hay, and oat hay.

Our premium paper-based small animal bedding is soft and absorbent, made with unbleached virgin fiber. No additives, no dyes, no irritants, sludge free, and never recycled print. #winning.


  • 100% 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay
  • Brown Paper Bedding, 

Sourcing Location:

Made in the USA

Storage and Expiration Info:

Store hay and bedding in a cool, dry space.

Dimensions and Weights:

Multiple size options. See above.

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