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Wooden Lid Puzzle

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Product Highlights:

  • Handmade right in our own workshop, this puzzle isn't just any toy—it's a labor of love. Built from sturdy 1/2 inch plywood, it's designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic forager. It’s not just a toy; it’s a treasure chest of fun!
  • Who knew finding food could be so much fun? With three sneaky lids to explore, your furry friend will hop, skip, and jump into the exciting world of foraging. It’s like a mini treasure hunt in your living room.
  • The smooth edges and sturdy construction ensure a safe playing environment, allowing you to set up the puzzle with peace of mind.
  • It's not just a toy; it's a tool that supports physical exercise, mental sharpness, and emotional well-being, promoting a happier, healthier life for your small pet.

Psssst...Healthy Snackers are the perfect treat for hiding under the lids!

We recommend this product for:

We recommend this product for guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small pets.


Dive into a world of fun and discovery with our Interactive Wooden Foraging Puzzle Toy, crafted with love in the Small Pet Select workshop. This handcrafted gem, made from sturdy 1/2 inch plywood, promises endless entertainment and mental stimulation for your furry friends. Perfect for rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs, it features three cleverly designed lids that hide treats, encouraging natural foraging instincts and rewarding curiosity with tasty treasures. Not only is it a blast, but it's also safe, with smooth edges and non-toxic materials. Get ready to enrich your pet's day with this ultimate boredom buster that keeps them hopping, thinking, and exploring. It's more than just a toy—it's a pathway to joy, health, and well-being for your beloved small pet.

Sourcing Location: 

Small Pet Select Workshop - Ellensburg, Washington State

Dimensions and Weights:

Dimensions: 8”x3”x1.5”

Weight: .53lb


Crafted from durable birch veneer plywood with a pine core for longevity and stability.

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