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Hemp Pelleted Small Pet Litter

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Product Highlights:

  • Crafted from 100% all-natural hemp fibers, this bedding offers a sustainable, environmentally responsible alternative to traditional small pet beddings, being 100% pesticide-free.
  • Utilizes the environmental benefits of hemp farming, capturing up to 10 tons of CO2 per acre, far surpassing trees, without relying on pesticides, showcasing its remarkable eco-friendliness.
  • Boasts an incredible 400% absorbency rate, significantly reducing moisture and neutralizing odors to maintain a fresher, cleaner habitat for small pets.
  • With a 99.9% dust-free formulation, this bedding is hypoallergenic, making it safe for sensitive pets while contributing to a healthier, more comfortable living environment.
  • Not just eco-conscious, this bedding excels in performance, offering unparalleled odor control for a cleaner, drier bedding experience, elevating the standard of care for small pets.

We recommend this product for:

This product is made for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets. 


Small Pet Select's Hemp Pelleted Bedding revolutionizes the way we care for our small pets, merging environmental sustainability with superior functionality. Crafted from 100% all-natural hemp fibers, this premium bedding stands as a testament to eco-friendly practices, being completely free of pesticides and championing a greener planet. The remarkable efficiency of hemp in capturing up to 10 tons of CO2 per acre—far surpassing the capacity of trees.

This bedding's 400% absorbency rate is a game-changer, ensuring that small pets' habitats remain dry and comfortable, significantly surpassing the performance of traditional clay or paper-based beddings. Its ability to effectively neutralize and control odors not only keeps living spaces fresher but also enhances the well-being and hygiene of our beloved pets. Moreover, the bedding's 99.9% dust-free and hypoallergenic properties make it the safest choice for sensitive animals, ensuring a clean, allergen-free environment.

Opting for Small Pet Select's Hemp Pelleted Bedding is not just a choice; it's a commitment to an eco-conscious lifestyle that prioritizes the health and happiness of our small pets. With unmatched odor control, absorbency, and environmental benefits, this bedding sets a new standard in pet care.


Made with 100% All-Natural Hemp

Sourcing Location: 


Storage and Expiration Info:

Store in a cool, dry place.

Dimensions and Weights:

20lb (9.07kg)

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