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Piggie Bank

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All The Details

Product Highlights:

  • Specially designed and handcrafted in our very own workshop!
  • Made from premium wood, the Guinea Pig Bank's natural color and design ensure it seamlessly blends with any interior style.
  • Watch your savings grow with a dedicated place to save all that spare change.
  • A timeless tradition that's been a part of lives for generations.

    We recommend this product for:

    Proud paw parents, guinea pig enthusiasts, and all ages! 


    Are you looking for a delightful way to save spare change while adding a touch of charm to your home? Look no further than our Guinea Pig Bank, perfect for all pet parents and guinea pig lovers out there!

    Instead of allowing spare change to accumulate in random spots, the Guinea Pig Bank will hold a substantial amount of coins in style. When it's time to cash in your savings, simply remove the rubber stopper on the bottom to access your stash.

    Note: Due to the overwhelming cuteness of our Guinea Pig Bank, be prepared for frequent "awws" and compliments from friends and family. You might even find yourself saving more money just to keep the little guy happy! 😉

    Sourcing Location:

    Small Pet Select Wood Shop, Pacific Northwest, USA 


    Approximately 8.5” x 10.5” x 2.5”


    Happy Customers And Their Pets!

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