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Dried Okra Pod

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Product Highlights:

    • 100% natural dried Okra
    • Made in the USA
    • Organic Okra Pods
    • Great treat for your rabbits
    • No sugar added treat for rabbits
    • Tasty treat for small pets
    • Natural treat for small pets

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    Our dried okra pods are perfect for your rabbits.


    Bunnies love our 100% natural & organic dried Okra pods. These pods crunch like mad and the bunnies go crazy. This is a very satisfying sensation for the little animals such as rabbits. Rabbits need tasty treats that double as entertainment and a toy.

    Super nice fiber in this edible.  There are seeds inside, and sometimes you can hear them rattle around a bit.  No worries, the seeds are part of the package - low in oils and tiny.  If you are worried, it is easy to take the seeds out.

    Totally pesticide-free.  We source these toys from a US farm where EVERYTHING is organic and safe...never any worry about toxins or residues.

    Okra is actually a great snack for rabbits because it contains lots of fiber and water, which aids in digestion. It can also help prevent hairballs from forming inside their stomachs. Okra can be an occasional treat for your rabbit if given sparingly.

    Okra is high in fiber, which makes it great for rabbit diets because they need lots of roughage. It also contains Vitamin C which is good for immune system health, antioxidants to fight against free radicals (which cause cancer), and minerals like magnesium and potassium (which aid digestion). 

    If you want to try adding some fresh oka to your bunny’s diet as an occasional treat, then go ahead!


    100% Dried Okra Pod

    Feeding Instructions: 


    Feed one as a treat to your furry friend!


    To see more about where these materials were grown, look at this!

    from Daina W. -

    "I just gave my guinea pig, Betty, her new Vita-Licious Essentials and her okra pod this morning!  She was very excited and dug right into it.  She always loves everything I get from Small Pet Select.  The okra pod was crunchy and had her pop-corning like crazy - I can't wait to see how much she's dug into it when I get home today.  The Vita-Licious Essentials were a huge hit, too!  I'm excited to try some different kinds.  I've been concerned about making sure Betty gets all the vitamins she needs, and when I put this mix into her sea grass bowl she couldn't get enough of it.  I think she'll be disappointed to learn she can only have a tablespoon a day!"

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