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Ball Trio

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Product Highlights:

  • All-natural small pet toys
  • Ultimate chew, toss and play toys
  • Enrichment and play toys for small pets

We recommend this product for:

We recommend this product for rabbits, and guinea pigs


Looking for the perfect toys for your small pets? We've got you covered with the ultimate bundle of three play-time toys. Toss, chew, kick around like a soccer ball...whatever your little friend likes to do most, here are 3 balls to keep him (or her) busy. These three balls are perfect to keep your small pet entertained and help promote play, and wellness through curing boredom.

Toys are important to your small pet's health and happiness, as they encourage your pets to perform natural behaviors such as digging, jumping, chewing and chin rubbing.

One willow, one corn husk, and one natural twine.  No dyes, glues, or metal pieces. Diameter about 2.6" each.

Item is pre-packaged and the warehouse cannot do substitutions.

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