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Aspen Wood Saplings


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Toys are fun, sure.  But they serve some serious keeping little animals from becoming bored (and a little too interested in the wrong "toys" - like baseboards and cords).  Toys can also give teeth a workout, especially if we tie them to the side of the ex-pen with sisal or hemp twine. Just like with tiny humans, little animals will get bored with toys. So...change 'em up!  

Aspen is one of the three kinds of wood we currently offer as logs and splits, just to keep the interest level up and make sure everybunny out there gets VARIETY!

(Check out our Striped Maple and Birch items too! Note: Chinchillas shouldn't have the Striped Maple products.)

Dimensions:  small is 6" long, and large is 12" long.


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