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*More* Buddies. Best friends.  

Belinda asked for photos of bonded pets, and you definitely delivered. Check back often to enjoy new faces.
On Feb. 29, our spokesrabbit will choose 10 lucky pairs to receive a special goodie.

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Bonded Pair: Ester and Harey
Their Story: Ester was an only bun for a year. This pic is from her first bonding session with Harey. He was instantly in love. She took longer to warm up. Now they nap together and steal snacks from each other!
- Aimee. Freeland, MI
Bonded Pair: Trucy (left) and Pearl (right)
Their Story: Both Trucy and Pearl were adopted at different times from the same human society. They weren't sure what to make of each other at first. It took a month to bond, but now they're inseparable.
- Jessica, Alexandria, MN
Bonded Pair: Cinnabun and Bunbun
Their Story: we rescued Cinnabun from being dumped out in the snow. We didn’t know how our queen lionhead would react, but she busted him out of the Xpen the second night and they’ve been inseparable ever since.
- Desi Hawkins. Fort Dodge, IA
Bonded Pair: PeachFuzz and HoneyBee
Their Story: PeachFuzz was a Bachelor & quickly fell in love with HoneyBee when we adopted her from the shelter. PeachFuzz loves to spend his time grooming HoneyBee & making sure she looks her best.
- Jillyn. Lehi, UT

Bonded Pair: Oscar and Emmy
Their Story: Oscar and Emmy came to me 9 years ago as fosters after being rescued from a horrible hoarding situation. Emmy is completely blind from age related cataracts she counts on Oscar to keep an eye on her.
- Mike. Palm Beach Gardens
Bonded Pair: Midnight and Chip
Their Story: they were best buds from the day I got them they both weren’t fixed (just babies) so they had to be separated for a couple months but once fixed no bonding needed they were in separable from day one!
- Stephanie. Milton
Bonded Pair: June and Johnny
Their Story: My daughter adopted June behind my back while in college and I fell in love a year later we rescued Johnny from a livestock market. It was love at first sight.
- Lori. Staten Island, NY
Bonded Pair: Martha and Stewart
Their Story: Martha (black and white) was a rescue who kept making nests even after spaying. Vet suggested another bunny and Stewart became her besty. They are always together.
- Kelly. Charlottesville

Bonded Pair: Pablo and Missy
Their Story: Missy lost two husband. She hated Pablo at first, but her mummy persevered and over time she grew to love him. Now he’s the boss and they love to snuggle and show their bunny butts
- Lilly. Southend-on-Sea
Bonded Pair: Daisy and Oliver
Their Story: After we had Daisy (black Rex) in our home, we knew she would be happier with a friend. So we then added Oliver, a Netherland Dwarf. It took some time to get them safely bonded but they are so happy!
- Rebecca. San Clemente, CA
Bonded Pair: Oori, Alfred and Marty
Their Story: All of them are adopted and came from bad situations. First was oori, then Alfred and then Marty the dog. They love each other and sometimes the dog bring his toys to them so they can play together.
- Daniela. Maastricht, The Netherlands
Bonded Pair: Hansel, Moomin and Yardley
Their Story: Hansel’s been in the family for 8 years and his little sisters came along 3 months ago. We bonded them very slowly and under a lot of supervision but it’s a beautiful trio of loving bonded buns now 😍
- Kimberley. London

Bonded Pair: Rolf and Harri
Their Story: At first they liked each other but then they started to hate one another. It took almost a year to rebond them, it wasn't easy but now they love each other and cant stand to be away from each other.
- Theresia. Sweden, Heby
Bonded Pair: Fiona and Morse
Their Story: Fiona was adopted in 2017 and bonded to our Finn. When Finn passed in 2018, we were in the process of adopting Morse to bond a trio. Although plans changed, Morse helped Fiona find love again.
- Danielle. Rochester, NY
Bonded Pair: Pope and Moses
Their Story: Pope (the bunny) is 5 months old and Moses (the puppy) is 6 months old and they just love to play together :).
- Jamie Gilbert. Decatur, GA
Bonded Pair:Ginger and Remington
Their Story: Ginger was a Craigslist rescue in a too-small cage, no hay or toys. Remy came from a local rescue. It was nearly love at first sight and they bonded almost instantly, about 5 years ago
- Jackie. Enfield

Bonded Pair: Leonard and Sheldon
Their Story: Leonard (Brown) is a bit timid and doesn’t like loud noises so on Bomb Fire Night when the fireworks were going off, Sheldon laid across Leonard to cover his ears and comfort him, that’s love!
- Danni. Widnes, Cheshire
Bonded Pair: Kopi and Kona
Their Story: Kopi and Kona are a bonded pair of sisters who have been at Bun Bun Brigade in KY since they were 6 weeks old! They are waiting for the perfect human who will love them and take them home!
- Bun Bun Brigade. Elizabethtown, KY
Bonded Pair: Salazar Slytherin, Sarabi, and Sandstorm
Their Story: Salazar Slytherin wanted a friend and was so excited when he met Sarabi that he chinned her poop and binkied. Then Sarabi and Salazar added a baby Sandstorm from the rescue. They picked their family
- Boopersnoots. Lexington, KY
Bonded Pair: Siouxie and Oscar
Their Story: Oscar finally works his way into Siouxie's heart.
- Evo. State College

Bonded Pair: Della and Laurel
Their Story: Della and Laurel were shelter babies. Since the day they were adopted, the two dwarves have enjoyed chasing each other around the living room and cuddling in their favorite blanket.
- Liz. Los Alamos, NM
Bonded Pair: Robin and Wren
Their Story: Robin and Wren are a sweet bonded pair who have been at Bun Bun Brigade in KY since they were 8 weeks old. They are patiently waiting for a family who wants to love some fuzzy buns!
- Gina. Rineyville, KY
Bonded Pair: Bentley and Boo
Their Story: They came to us from a rabbit shelter. They'd been there for 2 years when we adopted them.
- Shelli G. Surprise, AZ
Bonded Pair: Harlo and Dory
Their Story: Dory knew it was true love once Harlo started giving her back rubs! So she tolerates it when he flops on top of her head afterwards. These two rescue cuties were love at first sight (yay!).
- Greg. Edmonds, WA

Bonded Pair: Chapter and Haven
Their Story: This is a picture taken the day we rescued Haven (Bulldog) from the shelter. Their first kiss! It's been slobbers ever since!
- Hanna. Hemet
Bonded Pair:Princess Penelope Godiva and Sprinkles
Their Story: Penny & Sprinkles met last year. Sprinkles was heartbroken after the loss of my bunny Alice last year. I got Penny to cheer him up. Finally the two of them started to bond. Love is blossoming
- Susan Andreiev. East Norwich, NY
Bonded Pair: Otis and Noodle
Their Story: Otis and Noodle were rehomed to us after their original owners decided they couldn’t care for them. They are devoted to each other, and where one goes, the other follows. They are inseparable!
- Haya. Dobbs Ferry, NY
Bonded Pair: Thumper and Nekoda
Their Story: Brothers born 4 years ago last October to a well-respected mini-rex breeder. They've been best buds through it all. Most important to me however is that they are my emotional support animals.
- Shakeszper. Berlin, MD

Bonded Pair: Chunk and Napoleon
Their Story: We adopted Napoleon to bond with Chunk, and it was love at first sight! There was really no effort required on my end, they took to each other immediately! They’ve been inseparable ever since! 💗
- Ashley. Riverside, CA
Bonded Pair:A Buck Named Daisy (BunBun) and Sir Frederick (Freddie)
Their Story: These two are the best, I may be a little biased though! Bunbun is a tripod, so Freddie helps him out quite a bit. He brings things to him and goes to him for cuddles. They have been together for 1 yr
- Desteny. Bridgeport, WV
Bonded Pair: Gilbert and Amelia
Their Story: Amelia found Gilbert at the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue after Amelia’s guinea pig sister suddenly passed. It was live at first sight! Amelia and Gilbert love each other so much!
- Sienna. Tualatin
Bonded Pair: Willie and Quincy
Their Story: Both are rescues from Wonderland Rabbit Rescue. They are always in close proximity of each other in mischief or repose. They have no regard for each other’s personal space.
- Lisa Rutledge. Taylor, MI

Bonded Pair: The Bros and Izzy
Their Story: On a freezing sub zero night, Izzy was rescued from a neighbors back porch and quickly bonded with the Bros, adopted from a local rescue. They are inseparable, and love to exercise on the treadmill.
- Kay. Fairfax, VA
Bonded Pair: Binky and Bella
Their Story: We adopted them when they were 8 weeks old and they have been inseparable from day one. They take care of each other and are both very sweet.
- Maxwell's. Phoenix, AZ
Bonded Pair: Nutmeg and Barney
Their Story: Always twinning!
- Bambi. , Redding, CA
Bonded Pair: Checkers and Mariah
Their Story: They met at a rabbit show and have been besties ever since 🥰
- Arva. Moore, OK

Bonded Pair: Thelma and Louise
Their Story: Rescued at a month old last Summer. These girls just love attention. Louise(Agoti) keeps in front of the more timid Thelma. They just take my heart every time that I volunteer at HRS in Delaware.
- Tom. Ambler, PA
Bonded Pair: Eowyn and Frodo
Their Story:
- Bethany. OK
Bonded Pair: Dora Renata, Goldilocks, & Geneviève
Their Story: Hailing from Hawaii, Goldilocks and Geneviève are goldbar twinchillas, I was informed of an extra-dark ebony (Dora Renata) living with them and decided to take them all. They complete me ❤️.
- Chicago Floof Poofs. Chicago, IL
Bonded Pair: Hopper and Joyce
Their Story: Hopper (L) & Joyce (R) are adoptable w/Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue (MD). They lived apart in the same house for 3 years until surrendered by owners. We got them fixed, and now they are 2gether4ever!
- Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue. Rock Hall, MD

Bonded Pair: Henry (Mancini) and Carole (King)
Their Story: In 7/2019, Henry was grieving the death of his first love, a rescue named Eleanor.Fortunately, Midwest Rabbit Rescue helped us find Carole, another wonderful companion for Henry! We are very blessed!
- Linda. Wyandotte, MI
Bonded Pair: Chloe and Rocket
Their Story: A pair of bonded Holland lop Bunnies. They are special bunnies who are more fond of each other than the human that cares for them. They are a spoiled pair who love their small pet select food!!!
- Ananda. Nampa
Bonded Pair: Luna and Larry
Their Story: I had Luna for a couple of years when I decided that she could use a friend, that’s when we found Larry. When I brought him home, they bonded almost immediately and they’ve been inseparable ever since
- Lexy. Broomfield, CO
Bonded Pair: Rosie and Ruby
Their Story: Rosie and Ruby are both rescue buns. Rosie came to us first and we realized she needed a friend. Ruby came from a local rescue and immediately they fell in love. 😍
- Karla Myers. Morgantown, WV

Bonded Pair: Cinnabun, JarJar Binks (Gray Lop) and Luna The Puma (Kitten)
Their Story: Boy did we get lucky! Dan, Dad finally got me off the streets 11 years ago this Xmas Eve. Luna was dumped in some bushes on halloween, The Vet said she was only 4 to 5 weeks old. Love at First Site!
- Cinnabun & Luna The Puma. San Marcos, CA
Bonded Pair:Francis (Flemish Giant), Bella (Lionhead) and Ollie (Fox Terrier)
Their Story: From the start Ollie and Francis had a connection. I later adopted Bella from the RISPCA. As you can see, this trio love hanging out and Ollie loves SPS Healthy Snackers as much as the buns!
- Pat in RI. East Greenwich, RI
Bonded Pair: Clover (Rabbit) and Madeye (Cat)
Their Story: Clover was unwanted from her previous owner and Madeye was from a local shelter. These two love to be together and just nap the day away. They are true peas in a pod. <3
- Amanda. Virginia Beach, VA
Bonded Pair: Chewbacca and Mac
Their Story: Mac needed a buddy and Chewy was a rescue, they fit perfectly together... The rest is history
- Angie. Hinckley

Bonded Pair: Hopsin, Apollo, Link
Their Story: This trio's love triangle started right before Christmas & we are so blessed that they have been buddies and got along since day one.
- Siera. Coal Township, PA
Bonded Pair: Coffee and milk
Their Story: Both are adorable and they are brother and sister. They have been with us for about 5 years since we first saw them in a shelter. They love small pet snacks and toys
- AK. Singapore
Bonded Pair: Vanilla and Daisy
Their Story: I rescued them both daisy was dumped at the spca and I adopted her and vanilla was 6 months old and in a cage with 4 other rabbits so I rescued her!!
- Jada. Canada
Bonded Pair: Happy Jack and Emerson
Their Story: Emerson was adopted from Georgia House Rabbit Society and Happy Jack was adopted from animal control. It's been love ever since 💗
- Anna. Cleveland

Bonded Pair: Popper and Kemah
Their Story: Popper is a gentle lop bunny who chose Kemah to be his friend. Kemah has only one eye, and Popper looks out for her when she is exploring the hous
- Joanie Doas. Fort Worth, TX
Bonded Pair: Beau, Stella, Coco
Their Story: Holland lops, Stella & Coco bonded from birth! Coco is always exploring or bung-shui-ing, Stella LOVES love & snacks! Baby Beau arrived this summer & adores snuggles with Stella & zoomies with Coco!
- the_bunsketeers. Wilmington, DE
Bonded Pair: Georgia and Penelope
Their Story: Rescued both from a local shelter. They were already bonded. Have them for over 4 years and they squabble a lot but are best buds.
- Liz. Wilton
Bonded Pair: Joe and Zoe
Their Story: They were the 1 in a million couple! I wanted to find a friend for Joe. Zoe was a rabbit relinquished to the Cleveland APL, and it was just love at first sight.
- Renee Argento. Cuyahoga Falls

Bonded Pair: Bert, Ernie and Nugget
Their Story: Ernie has head tilt so Bert is his protector, Nugget came to us as a foster and Bert would worry that Nugget would hurt Ernie, once Bert got to know Nugget then he allowed her into their lives.
- Donna. Elizabethtown
Bonded Pair: Tammy (left), Betty (center), Lucille (right)
Their Story: Two of our girls, Tammy and Betty, had been raised alone before we re-homed them with Lucille, a REG (red-eyed grey). They bicker like old ladies, but are learning to live in a pack!
- Alex. Northborough, MA
Bonded Pair: Bailey and Stella
Their Story: These two do everything together, eat, sleep, and yep the vet too. They’re almost five years old and have always been with each other. Can’t imagine not having these ladies. Love is great!
- Kelly Crowder. Hampton, VA
Bonded Pair: Chicken and Waffles
Their Story: We are a pair of bonded rescue sisters. Waffles is the largest and chicken is the runt. We are house bunnies and love nothing more than to wreck the house, mama calls us her kray twins 😁😁
- Samantha. UK

Bonded Pair: Fred, Barney and Yorgi
Their Story: Fred and Barney were bonded when they became part of our family. Yorgi had a difficult background and was quite a handful at first so I kept them separate. Today the 3 couldn't be closer!
- Michelle. Medford, NY
Bonded Pair:Quinton and Luna
Their Story: Quinton lived the first 2 years of his life as a lonely single bun. He desperately needed a friend. Luna came along 4 months after Quinton was adopted and they have been best buddies ever since.
- Ashley. , Newfan, NY
Bonded Pair: Dandelion, Hazel, Pumpkin, Buckthorn, Blackberry, Fluffers and Clover
Their Story: Dandelion met Hazel and It was love at first sight! He courted her for a bit then they were wed as husbun and wife. They then welcomed their five beautiful children & are a complete and happy family!
- Lucciolato. Oklahoma City, OK
Bonded Pair: Oliver and Rosemary
Their Story: Oliver couldn't get along with other pigs, until he met Rosemary. Rosemary is more shy- Oliver is always by her side. Weekdays, they are in a classroom, where they are much revered and very loved.
- Desi. Oregon City. OR

Bonded Pair:Roger and Iris
Their Story: Roger and Iris were truly made for each other. They bonded together in a chaotic environment with many other pets. They were then turned over to shelter where they supported each other til coming home.
- Anonymous. Pittsburgh, PA
Bonded Pair: Chloe and Zöe
Their Story: Zöe & Chloe are 7 month old twins. They love that they have So Many Toys, "bunny tea" (herbal blends), & fresh hay from Small Pet Select!
- Karen. Vernon, CT
Bonded Pair: Gabriel and Maizie
Their Story: Gabriel&Maizie are the truest of lovers; madly in love, they do absolutely everything together. Snuggling & kissing is their favorite. Bonded for life, true husbun and wife!❤
- Gabriel and Maizie. Sewell
Bonded Pair: Sasha and Coco
Their Story: Sasha and Coco are sisters and were bonded when we adopted them. They love snuggling and grooming each other.
- Anon. Jacksonville

Bonded Pair: Porsche and Fiat
Their Story: Fiat and Porsche were first saved from a fur&meat farm by the San Diego Humane Society in Spring 2015. Several months later, we adopted them as a bonded pair into our caring and loving furever home!<3
- Julie K. CA
Bonded Pair: Raisin and Hickory
Their Story: Both buns are rescues. Hickory arrived first. I met Raisin and her family through another shelter. She was in a foster home with her bunny parents and siblings (a big family of 10!). Love!
- Arminzerella. Crystal Lake, IL
Bonded Pair: Dixie and Delta
Their Story: Dixie and Delta are orphans from the 2016 Louisiana floods. They then spent years living in a shelter, overlooked. Know Your Rabbit adopted them on Christmas Day, 2019. It’s a Christmas love story.
- Know Your Rabbit. Lake Orion, MI
Bonded Pair:Harvey (NZ) and Zeus (Cali)
Their Story: Both are rescues. Harvey had a bad bond mate but now has found a furever friend in Zeus. They’re very loving and seek to be pet. Zeus is active but Harvey is laid back.
- Lynn. St Louis Park, MN

Bonded Pair: Chip and Lumi
Their Story: Chip and Lumi both came from HSPPR about a year apart. They weren't too fond of each other during introductions but they soon realized their lives were better together as big brother and little sister.
- Rhiannon. Colorado Springs, CO
Bonded Pair: Sugar and Ginger
Their Story: Sugar & Ginger are 5 yr old rescue pigs who've been together their whole lives. They both developed cancer in 2019, both underwent serious surgery and not only survived but are doing fabulous!
- Sierra Wilson. Cleveland, OH
Bonded Pair: Chloe and Clover
Their Story: We discovered Chloe on LA Rabbit Foundation Instagram and it was love at first site.
- Vanessa. West Hollywood
Bonded Pair:Bam Bam and Mimi
Their Story: For 7 years my Flemish Giant, Bam Bam, was happy to be single. He never liked other bunnies until he met Mimi, a young girl who looks like him. To my surprise and delight, it was love at first sight!
- Alison G. Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA

Bonded Pair: Bugsy (Dutch) and Loki (mini lop)
Their Story: Bugsy was my first rabbit. Within days I knew I wanted to volunteer. I found a local rabbit rescue and began volunteering. Loki was quickly my first foster fail. I love them both to pieces!
- Erica L. Middle Island, NY
Bonded Pair: Widdle and Ollie
Their Story: Ollie adopted us, it was love at first sight at Save A Bunny Rabbit. Widdle and Ollie are now inseparable they eat and play together. He is a true gentleman and loves Widdle very much.
- Rocio. Reseda, CA
Bonded Pair: Henry and Stormy
Their Story: Well I got Henry first and knew we needed to give him a girlfriend. he was our first so we heard to block her to bond. She squeezed out of the cage. Together ever since then!
- Whitney. Kittery, ME
Bonded Pair: George and Geordi
Their Story: We got George when he was 12 weeks old. We doted on him for a year and a half. Then decided to find him a buddy. We had bunny dates at our local House Rabbit Society and Geordi was a great match!
- The Vinson’s. San Francisco, CA

Bonded Pair: Jack and Stella
Their Story: Jack our lionhead was our first adoption and then we adopted little sassy Stella, who's a Netherland Dwarf, after a speed dating session. Now they live happily ever after in our home.
- Avrie. Washington
Bonded Pair: Onyx and Pako
Their Story: Onyx had her head tilt,so when Pako saw her at first,he couldn’t understand what’s up.Two hours into the date Onyx made her way into Pako’s shy heart with lots of kisses. It was love from the 1st kiss
- Alina W. Bayonne, NJ
Bonded Pair: Tenzo and Pharrah
Their Story: Pharrah met Tenzo after she had suffered the loss of her first love and was heart-broken. She didn't immediately love Tenzo, but after a few weeks of careful introductions, the pair are inseparable.
- Caz. Billings
Bonded Pair:Moki, Frida, Amelia, Flora
Their Story: Moki and Frida were heartbroken when their sister, Pandora, passed away. So I adopted Amelia and Flora who immediately bonded with them. They all love each other.
- @piggiesandapitty. San Francisco

Bonded Pair: Christos and Star
Their Story: Christos, a year older than Star picked his own girl at an adoption event 8 years ago It was an instant love affair and it still the same up to now.
- Sula. Roseville
Bonded Pair: Henri and Freckles
Their Story: Henri and Freckles bonded 3 years ago after Henri's previous bestie passed. They are ALWAYS together snuggling and grooming each other - so cute!
- Jennifer. Cartersville, GA
Bonded Pair: Harlow and Matild
Their Story: I bought my sweet girls from a breeder as a bonded pair. While they may not be bio sisters, they fight and love each other just like they were.
- Toni. Sammamish, WA
Bonded Pair: Tancill and Misha
Their Story: Tancill and Misha are littermates rescued from a feral colony as babies. Originally not bonded, they had a change of heart and have been constant cuddle-buddies ever since.
- Scott Crawford. Daphne, AL

Bonded Pair: Hotspur and Vesper
Their Story: Vesper is his Hotspur’s third bond. He’s a bit of a lout and she is a dainty little thing, but Hotspur picked her out of the choices at the House Rabbit Society. They bonded in two days, a record!
- Maredi. Fresno, CA
Bonded Pair: Biggums and Betty
Their Story: These lovers were rescued from a backyard 6 yrs ago when biggums was a baby and betty was 3. Scared at first, they clung to each other. Now they're blissful house buns stuck together out of love.
- Parkii. Lansing, MI
Bonded Pair: Nester (Lg Flemish Giant Male) Magnolia (Sm Netherland Dwarf Chinchilla Mix Female)
Their Story: I made the choice to go to Ohio House Rabbit Rescue in Columbus! Nester and I fell in love with a little girl named Magnolia. They love to cuddle, give kisses, and destroy their box forts together!
- Samantha Parker. Xenia
Bonded Pair: Clover and Dougie
Their Story: Clover was adopted as a single bun. The rescue knew that she wanted to settle down with somebun special. When Dougie came along they called her and set up a blind date, it was love at first hop! <3
- Kevin and Amanda. San Antonio, TX

Bonded Pair: Esme and Twinkie
Their Story: Esme the cat was rescued after living in a cage in a garage for 5 years. Twinkie the bun was dumped in front of an old Motel 6. Their favorite pass time is perfecting the loaf position together.
- Miles. Shawnee
Bonded Pair: Karen
Their Story: I got her when she was 2 1/2 she was living outside all year round and the was also kept in a super small cage she is now in a big ex pen an she loves it.
- Alex Ressler. Columbia City
Bonded Pair: Ginger and Bixie
Their Story: I'm Ginger, energetic playful boy (I was adopted as a girl, but oh boy!). Bixie is my big fluffy partner and thinks binkies are to be on the same spot, jump high, get down. We are the perfect cuties.
- Lourdes. Santa Maria, CA

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