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Bedding for Rabbits

Our rabbit bedding and litter is soft and super absorbent. Our premium quality rabbit bedding is incredibly comfortable and is designed to minimize odor. Oh, and it's safe, too. Winning!

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Small Pet Select (Or "Our") bedding for rabbits is soft, absorbent, and safe!


Looking for the perfect bedding for your rabbit? We've got you covered with premium bedding your pet rabbit will love. 

Give your rabbit the crème de la crème of rabbit bedding. From paper to pine pellets to aspen, Small Pet Select offers lots of options to keep your rabbit comfy-cozy. 

When selecting a bedding for your rabbit it's important to factor in quality, safety, and odor control. With rabbit bedding comfortability is key. Plus, it’s absorbency. When we were in the process of developing our premium rabbit bedding options, one of our biggest concerns (after animal safety, of course) was the smell. Because we don’t believe in added scent blockers (or any unnatural ingredients) we focused on making sure our rabbit bedding absorbs better. After all, better absorption = less smell. And less smell = happier you. Happier you = happier animals.

Our rabbit bedding is top-of-the-line-quality with no irritants, no additives, and no dyes. Whats even better? All our rabbit bedding is super absorbent, sludge free and low dust, making it safe and comfortable for rabbits.

We offer a variety of types of rabbit bedding so you can find the best bedding for your rabbit. 

Try our paper bedding options (we never use recycled print) if you want the comfiest bedding for your rabbit. If youre looking for denser rabbit bedding, our kiln-dried pine pellets are a great option. We have top of the line aspen if you prefer a kiln-dried wood shaving. Want to win even more? Add your rabbit bedding to an auto-ship order and save an extra 5% each time! 

Your buns health is Small Pet Selects #1 priority. We believe in our product so much that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take your bunny to a new level of happiness with our rabbit bedding. Theyll love you for it. Binky promise.

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