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Rabbit supplements aren’t something we talk a lot about! If you’ve spent time with Small Pet Select, then you know we like to keep things simple when it comes to our small pets’ diets. 

Guinea Pig Hello

But when the time comes that you do need something extra for your rabbit or guinea pig, it’s good to know what’s available so you can get your pet’s health (or bowels) moving in the right direction as soon as possible. 

Supplements and remedies can be used for prevention, treatment, and long-term support for pets. However, it’s always best to use rabbit and guinea pig supplements and remedies with the support of an exotic veterinarian. A vet checks your pets and sees the big picture of their health history. 

All pets are unique and individual circumstances come into play when choosing the best products and routines for your sweet furry family. 

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Supplements and Remedies We Offer At Small Pet Select

The search for safe and effectivesmall pet remedies can be a difficult one. You often have either safe or effective but finding both in the same package is a challenge.

Luckily, we’re up for the challenge!

Supplements are an addition to your pet’s usual diet. Supplements can be vitamins, minerals, nutrients, or all three! A remedy is similar to a supplement but often used in specific scenarios such as to treat pain or discomfort. 


Often the first sign that something is wrong with our pets is a change in appetite. Nobody wants to eat when they aren’t feeling well. The problem is once food stops moving through your small pet’s digestive system, the digestive assembly line slows down leading to even more problems. 

You have the original problem that caused them to stop eating in addition to a slowed digestive system which can lead to a blockage or pain. Which will make them even less likely to eat! It’s a bit of a domino effect that can move very quickly. 

NutriRescue is a remedy typically administered in a syringe to help jump-start your pet’s digestive system. 

This of course doesn’t fix the original problem but it can be a tool in your toolbox to help disrupt the downward spiral that small pet illness often is. 

In any situation where your small pet stops eating, they need to be seen by a rabbit- or guinea pig-savvy vet ASAP. 

Guinea Pig Being Held VET

Facts About Nutri-Rescue

Nutri-Rescue isn’t medicine and it can’t be used to treat serious conditions in rabbits and guinea pigs. This is simply something that can help relieve symptoms and slow the progression of illness. 

  • Nutri-Rescue contains pre-biotics formulated specifically for herbivores. This is specialized plant fiber (banana powder) that feeds the good bacteria in your pet’s stomach.  
  • This remedy comes in a liquid. This is easier to administer than a powder that must be mixed up and delivers a more consistent dose.
  • The consistency is similar to olive oil. 
  • You can see the ingredients and analyseshere

Rabbit Nutri-Rescue

When To Use Nutri-Rescue

Nutri-Rescue is usually for any time, excluding situations such as obstructions and similar, that your rabbit or guinea pig stops eating and you need a quick reboot for their digestive system. 

Gastrointestinal (GI) stasis is when your rabbit’s GI mobility has reduced or stopped. It’s a medical emergency that occurs in a variety of scenarios. When a rabbit stops eating they’re at risk of developing GI stasis. 

Conditions where a rabbit may stop eating: 

  • overgrown painful teeth 
  • intestinal parasites
  • a low-fiber diet contributing to blockages 
  • environmental stress
  • upper respiratory tract disease
  • joint pain 
  • other diseases

If you see your rabbit bloated or in a hunched position this means they’re likely having trouble with their digestive system. You may notice this before you notice they aren’t eating! 

Nutri Recovery vs Rescue


Sometimes your pet may need to have care that supports their healing after a surgery or sickness.Nutri-Recovery can be given in doses over a long-term period to prevent digestive problems from returning. 

Nutri-Recovery has species-appropriate probiotics to help rebuild damaged gut microbiomes. It comes in a paste that can be syringe fed or a lot of animals will eat it up without a syringe. 

It’s a tasty remedy!

Facts About NutriRecovery

In addition to probiotics, Nutri-Recovery has protective nutrients to help small pets who are recovering or who are nutritionally challenged in other ways (underweight). 

Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS) - promotes good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Beta 1, 3, GLucans - builds a protective shield against bad bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. 

Medium Chain Triglycerides - are a quick source of energy without excessive starch. Perfect for underweight pets.

Colostrum-Derived Proteins - are known to encourage the development of healthy intestinal tissue and improve the state of the intestinal wall. 

Nucleotides - provide important nutrition for maintaining gut homeostasis and the immune system.  

Lecithin - a mixture of fats essential to cells for signaling processes such as growth, replication, absorption, and use of nutrients. 

Vitamins A, D, B12, E, C, and Selenium - a deficiency in any of these vitamins or minerals increases their chance of respiratory or intestinal illnesses. 

Bioactive Peptides - help your small pet fight invading pathogens and reduce the likelihood of an excessive inflammatory immune response. 

When To Use NutriRecovery

If your small pet is recovering from any illness that resulted in problems with their digestion or appetite, Nutri-Recovery is the perfect support to help them recover fully and get back to their happy healthy selves. 

Any of the illnesses that you would use Nutri-Rescue for can also benefit from Nutri-Recovery after your pet has seen a vet and is on the mend. 

Pet Supplement

Nutri-Recovery can be used for animals that are transitioning from a liquid diet to a solid diet. A change in diet can be taxing on their digestive system and Nutri-Recovery gives them some more digestive support! 

How To Get My Pet To Take A Supplement?

When you’re dealing with Nutri-Rescue and Nutri-Recovery, it's rare that a rabbit or guinea pig doesn’t like the taste. Usually, they’ll lap it up off a dish without a problem. 

You can also try having them nibble some off of your finger as well. When using the syringe, you must carefully insert the tip into the space between your pet’s teeth and cheek and release only a small bite at a time. Make sure you give them time to swallow.

How to pet supplements

Pestavert Gel

When you’re looking for protection against external parasites like ticks, you want something that protects but doesn’t cause any harm to your pet. 

Pestavert Gel is so safe, you could lick it off your fingers! This is absolutely necessary with small pets because they lick their fur and you don’t want any toxins entering their body that way or breathed in! 

Facts About Pestavert Gel

Pestavert Gel should be applied directly to your pet’s fur and massaged in. Their fur shouldn’t be wet, a light coat is perfect. 

Pestavert is human-grade, 100% organic, and GMO-free but doesn’t lack in effectiveness! This formula is truly unique in its safe ingredients while still packing a powerful punch against pests. 

Pestavert gel contains only non-toxic ingredients which makes it perfect for all species:

  • rabbits
  • guinea pigs
  • chinchillas
  • rats
  • gerbils
  • mice
  • dogs
  • cats
  • ferrets
  • prairie dogs

As you can see Pestavert is truly for everyone! 

Small Pets

When To Use Pestavert Gel

Pestavert Gel acts against mites, lice, fleas, ticks, and lots of other bothersome external parasites. It also helps prevent larval infestations (flystrike).

Pestavert Gel can be used on any healthy animal. However, the pets most susceptible to pests are those who live outdoors or those who spend time with other animals. 

Pestavert Gel (or spray) is perfect for the face or ears as these areas are harder to reach with a spray!

Pestavert Spray

Pestavert Spray has the same clean ingredients as Pestavert Gel but is sometimes preferred for its ease of use. Spraying rather than applying the product with your hand could help you get a more even coat. 

However, you still want to massage the spray into your pet’s coat and you don’t want to wet their fur. Just use a light spray. 

Facts About Pestavert Spray

Pestavert Spray is human-grade, 100% organic, and GMO-free. You can use this product without worrying about any harmful side effects. Check out the ingredients and usagehere

There is a strong initial scent in both the spray and gel but it fades quickly and isn’t a problem for our healthy pets’ respiratory systems. 

When To Use Pestavert Spray

Pestavert Spray protects against mites, lice, fleas, ticks, and larval infections (flystrike). It can be sprayed directly on your pet’s fur as well as sprayed around their enclosure/bedding. 

How Are Our Guinea Pig and Rabbit Supplements and Remedies Formulated?

At Small Pet Select, we work withDr. Gary Pusillo to formulate our supplements and remedies (as well as our pellets). He travels all over the world to discover plants for supplements that aren’t native to the United States. 

He has spent over 30 years researching plant-based nutrition for animals! His philosophies align perfectly with those of Small Pet Select. Ecological compassion and respect for ancient ways of life are at the center of his work. 

The ingredients purchased for supplements help to maintain the dignity, freedom, and future of communities of the Amazon RainForest.

Amazon Rain Forest

Our products use the full potential of the ingredients rather than one refined component of a plant. Keeping plant components in proper balance enhances the activity and effectiveness of the ingredients. 

Loving animals goes hand in hand with loving nature, as well as preserving the complex ecosystem of the Rainforest. This is why we take care to work with people who don’t exploit, destroy, or harm the ecosystem of the Amazon. 

Proper Feeding For Long-Term Health

Prevention is always the best strategy. Understandingwhat your small pet’s body needs is the first step to pet parenthood. 

Providing freshhay 24/7 for your guinea pig or rabbit will ensure they have the opportunity to fill up on fiber while wearing down their teeth. Chewing leads to healthy teeth and healthy teeth lead to chewing! 

Guinea Pig Eating

Pellet food and fresh leafy greens are also part of a healthy diet for rabbits and guinea pigs. It’s important not to add too many treats or other foods outside of their hay pile. These can not only be a distraction but they can mess with the balance of good and bad bacteria in their gut. 

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Use Rabbit Supplements and Remedies With The Support Of Your Vet

It’s smart to talk over your pets’ routines and treatments with a rabbit- or guinea pig-savvy vet so that you’re sure there isn’t a piece of the picture that you’re missing. Sometimes we think we can treat an issue before we know what the issue is! 

Give your pets a team to look after their health and they’ll have plenty of days to popcorn and binky!


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