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Cat Litter Pee Pads

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All The Details

Get your paws on a pack of 50 Cat Litter Pee Pads!

Product Highlights:

  • 50 Bio-degradable replacement pee pads
  • Specifically for use in the Small Pet Select's Sifting Litter Box  
  • Simplifies cleanup for you while enhancing your cat's comfort

Recommend for:

Our sifting litter box, pee pad cardboard liners are perfect for all cats. 





Crafted specifically for use with the Sifting Litter Box and Pelleted Pine Cat Litter, the bio-degradable replacement pee pads ensure that your cat enjoys a comfortable and clean environment.  

Not your typical pee pad, these are cardboard liners to be used in the sifting litter box drawer.

Dimensions and Weights:

13 15/16 x 12 1/16

Sourced: USA



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