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Small Pet Select's Value Choice Timothy Hay

Introducing Small Pet Select's Value Choice Timothy hay that is perfect for rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs.

If you're having trouble making ends meet, we wanted to offer an affordable option just for you that isn't as good as our premium hay, but is still a pretty great choice for small pet food.

Increasing inflation (prices at the pump as well as food prices) has caused increased costs for everyone.

To help combat this, we decided we wanted to do something that could help to make sure every pet gets the fiber they need.  

At Small Pet Select we believe that every pet deserves the highest quality possible, and with our new value choice hay (minor blemish), you are getting a high quality product, with savings!

Hay Details

To understand our intention with this product, it’s important to first understand the background of our Timothy Hay selection process we go through every harvest season. Every single summer, we network to the fullest extent possible with growers up and down the West Coast of the United States, searching diligently for the very best quality, and in the process, inspecting hundreds of fields of timothy hay.

The overwhelming majority of the hay we see is turned down. It’s not that the hay we turn down isn’t good, the truth is the majority of it is very good hay! It’s just that there may be one or more quality factors that just don’t quite meet the level we are looking for!

Product Highlights:

  • This is the lowest priced per lb of any hay product on the market!
  • The product has a "minor blemish" whether that is being a mix (timothy hay with a little bit of oat hay mixed, for example) or having a little more brown. It just didn't quite meet our quality standards for our other products, but it is still very good and like the description says, we consider it a great value.
  • We believe it is still betterthan the majority of the hay products on the market, at the lowest price per pound on the market. This is a testament to how hard we search for the best hay!
  • We did this because we believe a big part of our mission is to make sure that every pet gets the fiber they need, as it is so important for their dental and digestive health.  
  • We cannot offer the satisfaction guarantee on this product, as we are selling this at a break even cost.

When we are looking at Timothy Hay, we are looking at:

Color - How green is it?

Level of brown leaf - Almost all hay has at least a little brown leaf. But less is generally better. With that said, there are some extremely good quality hays that are almost perfect on every other factor (extremely fragrant, soft, and good green color) but their flaw is having a little more brown leaf.  

Softness and texture of the stems - How soft is the hay? Generally, for rabbits and guinea pigs, we prefer softer stems if possible.

Moisture level / Dryness / Chaffiness - We try to avoid hay that is super dry and chaffy, although this cannot always be avoided completely.

Smell -  Yes, we smell all the hay, that is for certain!


Mixture or contamination of other grasses -  Is there any other hays or grasses mixed in? If so, this makes it difficult for us to sell even a good quality hay that is mostly timothy if it has enough of these other grasses mixed in.

With these factors in mind, it is easy to see how there are times that we may find a hay that is very good on every dimension except that it has just a little too much brown leaf, or it has some other grass mixed in or some other minor blemish.

Our plan is to bring you the very best hay possible at the best price possible with the value choice product. This is hay that did not quite make the cut for our other premium products for one reason or another, but as the product description says...we consider it a great value!

It’s important to understand this hay will be switching - we are using hay that did not make it in with our other products for one reason or another. Sometimes the hay may have an issue with being mixed hay for example, sometimes it may be an issue with a little bit extra brown leaf or some other minor blemish


We cannot offer our satisfaction guarantee on this product hay. We are offering it at as low of a price as we possibly can, and this is in effort to provide a quality hay in service to passionate small animal owners that are trying to save a bit more money on their pet supplies.

We believe that most people will love the quality at the price point and be very satisfied, but with the hay, shipping costs, and packaging costs, we can’t continue this program if we begin to have a lot of returns. Please help to understand our logic on this. We don’t know of anyone else that is shipping this amount of hay at this price, and for good reason!

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