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Rabbits are smart, active, and so full of mischief! Caring for a bunny requires the right rabbit supplies, like a variety of food for a balanced diet, a safe, interesting, and spacious habitat, and toys and games to promote natural bunny behaviors.

We've got all the bunny supplies you’ll need to keep your friend happy, healthy, and fit. Give your rabbit a rabbity life!

Hay Hay ALL DAY!

Wanna know THE MOST IMPORTANT THING on this whole site? Hay.  Every rabbit should have fresh hay, all the time.

Check out all the hay types we have - mix and match, let you bun do some taste testing!

We've got different types of rabbit bedding and litter to mix and match, because we know the litter box has to be just perfect.

Bedding is one of the most important bunny supplies, so ask your rabbit what they prefer. The right litter makes litter training easier, and prevents sore pawsies too.

Give your rabbit a whole meadow with our herbal blends

Human food-grade herbs, flowers, and berries smell fantastic, and taste even better. Plus, there are nutritional benefits as well.

The safest toys, made by hand

Most of our rabbit toys come from a very special organic farm, where the crops are even scythed by hand! The crops are turned in to the ultimate rabbit toys right there on site and sent directly to us. We are thrilled and honored to offer them to our rabbit customers.

Toys are not optional bunny supplies - they are a necessary part of rabbit mental health!

Castles, Mangers, grooming is all here!

Creating fun, interesting spaces for your rabbit not only makes their lives better, but can help prevent naughty behaviors and make your life easier too!

Plus we've got all the most rabbit-friendly grooming tools, and a phenomenal parasite control product called Pestavert.

Pelleted food

Supplemental pelleted rabbit food, direct to your door at the click of a button. We use our own first-quality Timothy Hay in our pelleted food. No lesser quality hay for our customer buns!

Is 2nd CUT TIMOTHY HAY right for your rabbit?  

What other hays could you consider?

Figure out what type of hay your rabbit needs

Check out our video for a talk given by our Rabbit Guru, Wolf, at Midwest Bunfest in Columbus, OH. We had a blast talking about ways to give your rabbit all the mental and physical stimulation they need to live their fullest rabbity lives (plus, save yourself some headaches, too!)

From Timothy hay to toys, we've got all the rabbit supplies you need to make the tips and suggestions from the video come true!

Have you met our Spokesrabbit, Belinda? She hacks into our systems, comes up with product ideas, manages a novelist, and much more. We’re convinced her quirky attitude will have you in stitches in no time. You can check out all her profound bunny thoughts over on her blog where she talks everything from office politics to her very favorite rabbit supplies.


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