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How do you know if what you read online is accurate, or even safe?  

The answer? There's no easy way. At all. It takes years and years of research and work to learn what makes sense and what doesn't.  

The shortcut? Find one expert you trust, and ask them. Then open up your mind, and dig in. You'll find you branch off from there in wonderful directions.

Here's a list of resources that we've VERY CAREFULLY chosen. We've worked with these people, met most of them in person, followed them for years, read the studies they cite, and seen what their advice does in action.

We hope a whole new world opens up for you and your animal.

House Rabbit Society is, of course, our number one. We love them and totally support everything they do.

H.A.R.E. Inc. (Houserabbit Adoption, Rescue and Education) is a really awesome overall resource, covering a little bit of everything. Adoptable rabbits, veterinarians, special events and some great blogs with great info.

Medirabbit(The Ultimate Rabbit Medicine Resource on the Net) is an educational non-profit with a goal of sharing the best of the best info on rabbit medicine. So neat. There are some great book recommendations and health topics galore.

Best4Bunnyis a witty, funny, UK based magazine that combines great info, great products (saving you internet surf time) and great humor.

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