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How do you know if what you read online is accurate, or even safe?  

The answer? There's no easy way. At all. It takes years and years of research and work to learn what makes sense and what doesn't.  

The shortcut? Find one expert you trust, and ask them. Then open up your mind, and dig in. You'll find you branch off from there in wonderful directions.

Here's a list of resources that we've VERY CAREFULLY chosen. We've worked with these people, met most of them in person, followed them for years, read the studies they cite, and seen what their advice does in action.

We hope a whole new world opens up for you and your animal.

for dogs, good nutrition means good health

Dogs Naturally

The Essential Dog is a great primary resource for a feeding program.

The Nature of Animal Healing (There are parts of this that may be over the top for some readers... magnet therapy, etc. But the majority of the book is the best description I've ever read of how the body works and how nutrition plays a part.)

Animals in Translation helps us see our animal's world utterly differently.

Through the Eyes of a Dog is another one of those books that makes you say "Wow, I never thought of that. That explains so much!"

Mercola's Pet Section, with Dr. Karen Becker, the whole world's favorite vet!

The Animal Health Foundation, home of Dr. Jean Dodds, THE authority for info on vaccination protocols and much much more

Planet Paws, where we find Rodney Habib, every dog's best friend.

The Truth About Pet Food, the staunchest advocate for dog food safety (her info will blow your mind). She is driven to protect our animals.

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