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Small Pet Heavy Duty Cord Cover

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Product Highlights:

  • Small Pet Cord Protection
  • Easy to use and install on cords
  • Protects Electrical Cords from Pets
  • Helps in Keeping Your Pet Safe & Healthy

We recommend this product for:

The Small Pet Heavy Duty Cord Cover is recommended for households with rabbits, dogs, cats, and other small pets, providing proactive protection against cord chewing tendencies.


We love our pets, but we also know that they get into everything. The natural urge rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals have to chew on grass and sticks in the wild can get them in trouble when they find exposed wires and power cords in the home. After years of using ugly, bulky, hard-to-use cable protectors and replacing far too many device chargers, we know pet owners needed something better. That's why we designed the Small Pet Select Heavy Duty Cord Cover.

It's designed with an ultra strong, durable PET material with a low-profile woven texture. The non-toxic material is safe for animals and is waterproof for indoor and outdoor use. It features a handy wrapper style that expands to fit up to six cables.

Wire protector tubing keeps your home organized and is compatible with a variety of cords such as computer cables, power cords, extension cords, and can even be used to conceal wall mounted TV connections. A flexible 10 ft cord cover can easily be trimmed to meet all of your power cable protection needs. So whether you are working with a bored cat or puppy proofing for a teething dog, you can keep both them and your devices safe from damage.

Providing your pet with a variety of suitable chew toys can help diminish their interest in electrical cords. Adding a layer of protection with Small Pet Select Heavy Duty Cord Cover offers an extra safeguard.

  1. EASY TO USE: The lightly coiled, wrapper-style cable cover easily slips over charging cables, power cords and more for a just right fit without a fuss. The flexible 10 foot tube can be cut to fit exactly the length you need.
  2. ULTRA DURABLE: Crafted from ultra-strong, durable PET material with a low-profile woven texture, our cord cover provides a proactive deterrent against curious pets. While it's not 100% chew-proof, it's designed to withstand their exploratory nibbles, offering reliable protection against cats and dogs accessing your cables too. Rest assured, the non-toxic material is safe for animals.  
  3. SLEEK AND NON-BULKY APPEARANCE: Unlike the thick, hard plastic cord protectors of the past, our unique multi-woven fabric constructed with ultra durable PET creates a durable level of protection, without sacrificing your home's style. Available in two colors to easily blend with your decor and conceal wires behind wall mounted TVs, computers and kitchen appliances.
  4. SMALL PET CORD PROTECTION: Parents of rabbits and guinea pigs know that cord protection is a must, but cat and puppy owners can benefit as well. Pets can be so quick when getting themselves into dangerous situations. Proactively protecting cords from all pets is a great, proactive step to keep your whole house safe. * We recommend routinely checking for signs of wear, damage, or potential hazards, so you can take timely action to address any concerns and ensure a secure living space for all.
  5. EXPANDABLE SLEEVE: A convenient side slit allows you to easily slide additional cords in to keep up to six cables safe and organized. The wire wraps expand and contract to fit your organization needs perfectly whether you are protecting a single phone charger or a bundle of cords under a desk.

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