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Pelleted Chinchilla Food

Pelleted Chinchilla Food

Super sensitive digestive systems = super important food decisions.

...And if you make the right decision, they may even give you a little happy hop.

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Chinchilla Food They're Gonna Love

Chinchillas are known for their beautiful coats, loving personalities, and for their selective diets. It’s super important to feed your chin the right chinchilla food, so let’s look at diets and what they need to live a healthy and happy life.

Chinchilla Food, All Different Kinds of it 

Most chinchillas will love pelleted food; it’s specially designed for their little tummies. Plus, with such sharp chompers, chewing on these pellets will provide both nutrition and entertainment (and keep the teeth from overgrowing). #winning.

Pelleted Chinchilla Food

When looking for a quality pelleted food, look for one that avoids fillers, seeds, nuts, and fruit... they're dangerous. Instead, choose a high-quality pelleted food that’s made out of hay.

Feed about 1-2 tablespoons of pelleted chinchilla food once a day, and always make sure your chin has access to fresh water. Also, an unlimited amount of hay should always be accessible. Chinchillas normally eat grass, leaves, and twigs in the wild, so hay and pellets help recreate this diet. Speaking of hay...

Hay for Chinchillas

Don't forget hay when shopping for chinchilla supplies. Hay is super important for your chin’s diet; it provides the fiber, roughage, and nutrients they need. There are lots of options, but Timothy hay is a really great choice. Timothy hay (especially 2nd cutting) is considered the gold standard for small animals, chins included. If they're not a Timothy fan, there are lots of other options, so check 'em out.

Chinchillas give us so much love throughout their long lifetimes, so love them back by feeding them a healthy, nutritious diet made just for them. These little critters may have sensitive stomachs, but it’s not hard to find chinchilla food your friend will love... and food that will love them back.


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