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3rd Cutting Timothy Hay


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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

  • Have you got Mr. Picky McPickypants living with you?  A rabbit or guinea pig who refuses to eat even the first stem? Don't give up on hay!  Try getting your animal used to grass hay with our 3rd cut.  It is very soft, and very leafy, with little stem. After some time, you can start mixing other hays in as well, and you may have luck getting your animal on to even higher fiber cuts.  Or not!  Your animal may just be one of those picky eaters who refuse to compromise...with 3rd cut, though, you are still getting grass fiber.  And that will help you prevent all kinds of GI and dental issues.  

    Premium 3rd cutting super soft timothy hay.

    Qualities of 3rd cut: 

    1. Ultra-soft, less stem, meaning that it’s the most palatable hay you can offer to your pet; a great way to get even the fussiest of eaters starting to enjoy hay.

    2. Hard to find because it’s difficult to produce well.

    3. Packaged in a high quality, corrugated cardboard box that doubles as a storage unit for ease of use

    This ultra-soft and easy to eat hay can serve an important purpose for pets that are transitioning into eating grass hay, and can also be a savior for the ultra-picky pets that simply refuse to eat hay with any stem. 

    We have close relationships with the farmers in Washington State (where we started, and the home of one of our two warehouses).  We personally choose what hay we like by going to fields, seeing and smelling and touching the crops.  Then we hand pack every box that goes out, so we see it all again.  Our eyes are on everything that comes to you, from the field to your door, so we can get you not only the best hay, but the most consistent hay.  This keeps your friend's digestive system happy, and you know what to expect from us.  

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