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Chicken Basics Bundle

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  • All products sourced in the USA.
  • The best chicken products for the best chicken eggs.
  • 60 pounds of goodness!

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This chicken bundle is perfect for your hens!


Saving money matters, yes? Every penny counts. At least that’s what we believe. So why pay more when you need it all?

Our chicken layer feed + chicken scratch + chicken oyster shell = the perfect chicken bundle. U.S. sourced chicken layer feed and chicken scratch (both corn free, soy free, non-GMO), and chicken oyster shell in this absolutely fabulous bundle. 

Chicken Scratch:

Giving our hens great quality, U.S. sourced, GMO-free scratch keeps ‘em healthy and promotes overall well-being. Balanced diets are really important to us… and to our hens. So we created our chicken scratch to encourage them to eat healthy. We recommend chicken scratch take up 5-10% of a chicken’s overall diet. They need other stuff, too… variety matters.

P.S. We probably don’t need to remind you that balanced chicken diets produce healthier chicken eggs. And that’s a win.

Chicken Layer Feed:

Lots of chicken layer feeds we’d researched were packed with soy and corn as fillers, with hardly any nutritional value… and we’re all about nutritional value. So, we decided to create our Chicken Layer Feed with herbs and botanicals built right in! All ingredients are locally sourced in the Pacific Northwest and are completely soy-free, corn-free, and non-GMO… which is really the best way to make sure we’re feeding our chickens the safest, healthiest, and highest quality chicken feed. Small Pet Select layer feed is a mix of everything your flock needs, combining high protein pellets, grains, and seeds, with a light basting of Omega 3 vegetable oil. This combination feed means you’re providing the essential protein meal and the excitement of whole grains mixed throughout. And what’s more fun and beautiful than that?

Chicken Oyster Shell:

Hens go through a pretty amazing process building eggs, and oyster shell helps out at a very specific point. The shells are built last, usually overnight, and the process can drain your chicken of calcium. The calcium in oyster shell is digested at a different rate than that found in their feed, so they have some extra during those night hours when they are creating a shell. Help them out by providing oyster shell at all times, and they will self-regulate, eating it when they need it.

Oyster shell should always be available to our laying hens in a separate dish than their feed… our chickens have different calcium needs and will eat as much as they need. Don’t worry… it’s true!

Layer Feed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein: 18%
  • Crude Fat: Min 4.0%
  • Crude Fiber: Max 6%
  • Lysine: Min. 1.0%
  • Methionine: Min. .5%
  • Calcium: Min. 2.25%, Max 2.75%
  • Phosphorous: Min. .5%
  • Salt: Min. .15%, Max: .35%

Scratch Analysis:

  • Crude Protein: Min. 12%
  • Crude Fat: Min. 5%
  • Crude Fiber: Max. 7.5%

Oyster Shell Analysis:

  • Calcium: Min. 36%, Max 41%

Ingredients (Click Links Below):

Sourcing Location:

All products sourced in the USA.

Storage and Expiration Info:

For this bundle, store all products in a cool dry space.

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