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Roomy habitat extraordinaire

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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

  • The cage consists of 2 levels, enabling you to create 2 separate cages in case the animals need to be kept apart, or a single large cage. Not quite as tall as the habitats with storage underneath, these fit well in spaces with sloped ceilings or under most loft beds.

    The habitat has horizontal as well as vertical wire mesh. The horizontal bars provide extra climbing fun for your small animals.

    This habitat comes complete with 6 amps and 4 platforms. 

    Four wheels, two of which with brakes, make it easy to move the cage around.

    A very well made habitat for chinchillas, rats, and may be suitable for other small animals depending upon their size.  

    Easy assembly.

    Dimensions:  120cm x 65cm x 107cm


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