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HandiScoop - the one, the only! (And one box of HandiBags)

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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

  • No fuss, no smell!  And biodgradable bags too!

    HandiScoop keeps you, your yard, your park, and your neighborhood clean.

    Designed to use while standing up, so no more crouching.

    The "inside scoop" - our Brand Manager lives with a 120lb puppy, and he eats a lot. can imagine.

    She also has lots of dogs who come over to play.  More poo.

    Here's her own personal experience with HandiScoop:

    "I pulled the bag over the scoop, but left a lot of space for the bag to "pocket" into the open scoop.  The elastics along the "stick" are there to hold the bag in place, and you can layer 3 bags at once.  I got all 3 bags loaded up and ready to go.  Out to the backyard  I went.  My first 2 scoop attempts were unsuccessful, then it hit me - I needed to apply a little downward pressure while pulling the trigger.  Magic.  I cleaned up the whole day's business in about 2 minutes, no mess, no ick on my hands, no back complaints from all the bending and crouching usually necessary.  And the bags are biodegradable - I don't use the grocery bags anymore! I love this thing, and I'm NOT a gadget girl." - Wolfie

    We're putting lots of pics here so you can see the elastics, the way it looks when the bags in loaded, and the "pocket".

    We hope you love this as much as Wolfie does!

    Incl: 1 Handiscoop and 1 box of biodegradable HandiBags



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