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Grooming mitt

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Product Highlights:

  • The ultimate grooming mitt that helps de-fur and de-shed your rabbits and cats
  • Removes excess hair, dirt, and dust.
  • Mitt is studded with soft, flexible tips.
  • It help to stimulate the skin & spreads natural oils for skin health
  • Great to use during bath time - helps work in shampoo 

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It is safe for use in dogs, cats, and small animals.


This grooming mitt has soft, flexible rubber nibs to get the fur out without scratching or tearing delicate skin.  Very easy to use. This mitt makes grooming your furry friend a simpler experience! This grooming glove has soft, flexible rubber tips that help lift dirt, dust, and hair from your pal’s coat. They also help to stimulate and massage the skin, which helps spread your pal’s natural, moisturizing oils around. You can even use it during bath time to help work pet-safe products deeper into his skin and coat. It is safe for use in dogs, cats, and small animals.

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