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GripSoft nail trimmer/clipper


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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

  • Our favorite nail trimmers, based on ease of use.

    "Nail trimming easy?" you say incredulously...well, it can be.

    Start with relaxation - everyone happy and calm.  Now do just one nail, a tiny sliver.  HUGE PRAISE for letting you do that!  WOOHOO!  Here's a treat and an ear scratch for the best dog ever, and now we are going to play your favorite game for a bit.  (Really - it helps to have all kinds of positive things happen right after the nail cutting.)

    Day by day, keep it up.  Move gradually to 2 nails, 3, a whole paw.  Be patient.

    We understand it can be a big deal to clip nails, but it doesn't have to be, and nails should be cut quite often - the dogs at our brand manager's house get nails clipped every single week.

    We hope these nail trimmers work comfortably for you, and mani-pedi time is easy.

    Large - yellow and black handle

    Medium - yellow handle


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