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Feed-sentials daily supplement

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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

  • Note from Wolf, the Brand Manager: I found this product about 10 yearsago, when I used to own a brick and mortar animal nutrition store.  I am an absolutely nutty zealot when it comes to quality, sourcing, and effectiveness...I'm almost impossible to please. This is, far and away, the best daily supplement out there.  

    Made by hand in Canada, and hard to find in the US!

    "This time last year I was afraid I would have to put down my much loved and extremely devoted dog before the winter. She'd had a couple of hip injuries as a young dog and at 8 1/2 years was so uncomfortable from her right hip she had to be coaxed to even walk out 20 feet with me. Her name is Shadow and either inside or out was always at my side . The vet put her on 75 mg of Rimadyl 2 times daily and finally increased it to 2 - 75 mg two times daily with minimal improvement. In Sept . you recommended your products for both my dogs. Over about 4 months I was able to reduce Shadow's food intake but increased her nutrients with the products and gradually decreased the Rimadyl to none for the past 4 - 5 months. She now can walk, prance and trot and will go with my young dog and myself for our morning and afternoon walks of an hour each most days. She enjoys play fighting with the pup and will often start the teasing. With more activity and slightly reduced food volume she has lost 16 pounds , looks great , and I am so thankful to see her enjoy life." - Margaret Everitt



    Feed-Sentials is the result of a quest that began in the late 1970’s when I decided to feed my dogs a raw diet. It quickly became apparent that the basics of good clean protein and macro minerals in the form of meat and bone were only part of a health-promoting diet. What was missing was the vegetal component. Various herbs, grasses, vegetation, fruit, and fat-rich seeds were needed to complete the nutritional puzzle. Over the years, key ingredients such as hemp became accessible, allowing the product to evolve into its current formulation. Many generations of my own dogs have enjoyed the benefits of a diet completed with Feed-Sentials.

    Feed-Sentials is a blend of over 50 ingredients, each one just as important as the other. Together, they offer a broad range of botanicals, micronutrients, and enzymes commonly found in the diets of healthy wild canids.
    Feed-Sentials is a powerful compliment to any product in the Feed-Sentials family. 

    It's the "everything else" in your dog's diet.



    • General immune system resilience
    • Improved function of cell membranes
    • Absorption and assimilation of nutrients
    • Improved appearance and coat density
    • Richer coat appearance and colour
    • Healthy, supple skin
    • Reduced incidents of skin infection
    • Increased drive and focus in training
    • Decrease in erratic/hectic behaviour
    • Improved muscle tone
    • Accelerated healing and recovery from illness
    • Improved, consistent appetite
    • Improved digestion
    • Improved response to extreme temperatures
    • Reproductive benefits
    • Improved mobility and joint lubrication
    • Decrease in body odour



    Moisten and mix with each of your dog's meals. Feed-Sentials is an integral part of your dog's diet; it is food, not medicine, so there is no exact recommended serving size. Adjust quantities as needed to suit your dog's size, weight, activity level, and state of health. Results take patience and dedication. Health is a habit!



    Carob powder, ground sunflower seed, dried parsley leaf, kelp flakes, alfalfa greens, ground almond, hulled oil rich hemp seeds, hemp seed flour, dried red and green pepper, dry celery leaf, dried blueberry, dried cranberry, dry dandelion leaf, ground pumpkin seed, powdered carrot, stinging nettle, barley grass powder, dried mint leaf, powdered rose hip, paprika, burdock root powder, garlic powder, sesame seed, digestive enzyme blend (protease, lipase, cellulase,  amylase), glucosamine, MSM, dill weed, coriander, anise, fennel, goat milk whey powder, powdered marshmallow root, blue Hawaii spirulina, rosemary, oregano, ginger, cumin, marjoram, thyme, savory, basil, sage, cayenne, powdered yucca, turmeric, fenugreek, bilberry, vegetal silica




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