Castle Digging Box (mess preventer and diggy satisfier!)

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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

  • This TERRIFIC digging box is easy to clean, keeps stray litter and mess from getting all over your floor, and is SUPER FUN for your sweetie!  You know they love to dig - and much better in one of these than having those little paws get busy on your carpet.  This box is built to accommodate the litter box perfectly.

    NOTE: the Castle Commons, sold separately,  fits beautifully on top, and gives the little ones a private hidey spot for digging activities.  The little ones often really appreciate some private time.  Castle Ramps and Castle Bridges also available separately.

    Litter box is included!

    Helpful note: for maximum digging pleasure, use a heavy material such as additive-free earth.  Lighter materials (paper bedding, for instance) just don't have weight necessary for a really satisfying dig.

    Litter box that sits inside: 18.5 x 15 x 5

    Floor dimension 34 1/2" long x 18 1/4" wide x 11" tall

    Top of Castle Digging Box Dimension with Corners is 36" long x 19 3/4" wide x 12" tall



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