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Naturally Shed Antler Dog Chews (Elk)


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Our Happy Customers and their Pets!

  • Antlers are a huge help in keeping your dog occupied and out of trouble. These chews give your dog an activity to relieve boredom and stress/anxiety, and can help keep your other belongings from falling prey to those chompers.

    All antlers and not created equal! Ours are completely sourced in the U.S. and are not treated with artificial smoke or other potentially harmful chemicals. Full of nutrition with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives, these antlers offer an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and protein for dogs: protein 38%, calcium 18%, phosphorus 9.9%. They also naturally clean your dogs teeth making them nice and shiny!

    One hint: we find that people tend to buy a size too small for their dog. Properly sized antlers are very safe. Antlers that are too small can be a choking hazard, since dogs like to hold the antlers between their paws and chew on one end.  So, when in doubt, go larger.


    Large -  aggressive chewers and dogs over roughly 30lbs

    Jumbo -  dogs 40lbs and up






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