And we can help you get started!

Below are ways for you to help rescues right here on our site, and a way to reach out to your local rescues to see how you can pitch in.

Because if we each do something, together we'll do a lot.

If your favorite rescue doesn't appear in our lists, please let them know to go to this page and sign up! Let's get them some help!

Send a Gift

Rescues ALWAYS need stuff. Hay, bowls, toys, litter boxes, carriers, exercise pens, pellets...all manner of supplies. You can search our publicly viewable wishlists and send needed supplies right to the rescue of your choice, knowing you are giving them exactly what they need.

Give Back

Choose a Rescue to receive a percentage of all your purchases in our givebackprogram.

Use our Rescue Locator, choose your favorite rescue, and we'll send them part of our profit every time you buy. The money we donate helps rescues with not only supplies, but veterinary expenses and un-plannable crises.

You can use our locator for lots or useful stuff! Find a vet, a shelter, private rescues, or even a petsitter...all matching the needs for your particular interest.

Thank you!

To everyone out there who helps - all the little and big organizations, the individuals who stop to assist an animal in distress, and the kind people who open their hearts, their calendars, and their wallets to support rescue.

If you are interested in finding other organizations who need your help, visit
A little bit of help can make a HUGE difference.


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