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Every time you purchase with us, we give a percentage of that sale away to one of the charities that make our world a better place.

We didn't raise the prices. We are doing this out of profits, to be better citizens.

Here's how it works:

When you look at a product, you will see a message about how much of a donation we give for that purchase. Those amounts might not look like much. But they add up, fast. Thousands and thousands of people's orders each month, all adding to the amount we give.



At checkout, you'll see the total donation for your purchase, and you can pick ANY registered non-profit. We'll send them money. This program is only available to registered non-profits, for all kinds of legal reasons. are not limited to animal rescue. You can pick ANY registered non-profit in the US. If you don't choose a certain organization to get the donation, it will go to the House Rabbit Society by default.



You purchase. You pick the organization. We donate from our profits. It is that easy.

Make sure all your animal-loving friends know about our ShoppingGives program! Every little bit helps, and we want to donate gazillions to help great organizations!

Thanks for being part of the Small Pet Select community - let's all go do some good together.



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