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Must-Have Rat Supplies

Cong-RATS, Rat Parents!

If you get rolling eyes and questioning looks when you tell your friends about your rat, you’re not the only one. These smart, loyal friends get a bad rep, but they are actually one of the best small pets around. They develop lifelong bonds with their owners, have a gentle temperament, can be tamed, and get along with other rats — so why not get two?

Give your little buddy the best life possible by learning all about the rat supplies you need below!

Rat Food

Buying all the rat supplies you need is easy! Start with providing your furry friend with a specialty rat food made just for them. These blends usually come in pellet, block, or medley form.

Your rat will also love fresh food as treats. Feed your rat apples, carrots, and cherries as an occasional snack and they will quickly become your best friend. See, you might even have some rat supplies to get started in your home already!

Hanging Out With

Your Rat

Rats are naturally social animals, so they shouldn’t be kept in their cage alone for too long. If you work long days and don’t have time to socialize your rat, consider getting more than one so they can bond. But there’s no replacement for spending quality time with mom or dad. Hold your rat and let them explore to strengthen your bond. Socializing your rat regularly will quickly make them your furry BFF!

Your Rat’s Home Sweet Home

For your rat’s cage, choose a large one with wire siding so they can climb and play! Rats are often compared to dogs with their curious personality, so make sure you add plenty of toys, treats, and enrichment to your rat supplies list.

Rats also love to play and cuddle up with super soft bedding. The most common rat beddings include ones made out of paper, wood, or a mix of both. This bedding serves as their litter, sleeping quarters, and playpen, so test out a few options to see what your rat likes!

Toys for Your Rat

Rats love to play, climb, and spend time with their hoomans! Rope and wood rat toys are best because those little chompers can destroy most plastic toys. Rats aren’t picky and even simple things like cut up cardboard boxes or toilet paper rolls make fun and interesting toys. You could also try an exercise wheel to get your little rat’s feet moving.

Buying small pet supplies is easy for a rat owner because these little guys love just about everything!

Rats are loveable, curious, and loyal little friends. Don’t let their bad boy image fool you - these little lovers are the perfect companion!



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