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Q: Do you have a give-back program or discounts for rescues:

Yes!  We give a full 10% discount for rescues, and we also have a rescue referral program in which rescues can earn money by referring their friends to Small Pet Select.  If you are interested in either of these, please contact us through the "Contact Support" link and we'll reply to you within 24hrs.


Q: How much hay does my rabbit need?

A: Well, that depends upon the size and activity level of your rabbit.  A good rule of thumb is to offer them a compact, dense pile of fresh hay each day that is roughly the same dimension as their furry little body.


Q: My rabbit isn't eating enough hay.  What can I do?

A: Check out these articles:

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Feeding vs. eating enough hay

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Q: What kind of hay does my animal need?

A: Well, that depends!  Check out the info below.

!st, 2cnd and rd cut - what is the difference?

The Hay Book

Different types of hay and what they are good for


Q: How do I view or change my auto-ship settings

A: You can view account information by following these steps:

1.  Login to account,

2.  This will bring you to main account page;

3. Click on "manage subscriptions;"

4.  Customer can manage frequency from here.  If you click delivery schedule, this will bring up your next subscription order.


          How to change auto-ship settings:


Q: What is the refund policy?

A: If for some reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the product we ask that you please contact us through the "Contact Support" Link and provide as much information as possible. We will respond to you within 24 hrs. 

When we encounter a problem it is very helpful to also have photos, especially on hay orders. Due to the nature of the products we're dealing with - in particular the hay products - it is impossible to have "perfect quality" every time throughout the entire batch.  We wish this were possible, but it just isn't.  There may be some brown leaf in some parts, some parts may be drier than others, and there is occasional weed or other contamination. We do our best to select the very best quality and we also do a lot of Quality Control on our end. We are really focused on providing the very best quality possible. However with hay there will be variances in quality throughout the box, and there will be some variance in quality from box to box.  This is true for any other hay supplier in the marketplace - and this is the nature of agricultural products. There is no way to be 100% perfect, but what we can do is make it our aim to have the absolute highest standards possible and provide superior value to our customers.  This is what we aim for every day.

With that said - we do provide refunds or replacements on boxes in which the quality is not acceptable and where we have made a mistake.  We just ask that you provide photos and work with us.


Q: Can I use more than one coupon code?  Can I use a coupon with auto-ship?

With the new shopping cart only one coupon code can be entered per order. To enter the coupon code, you will need to click on the link "Enter Coupon" located in the shopping cart screen (located right side).  Coupons cannot be used with auto-ship orders, since these orders are already discounted.


Q: Does SPS have a wholesale program?

Are you interested in purchasing in bulk and reselling Small Pet Select products?  Chances are we'd love to work with you. Please email us at service@smallpetselect.com with as much info as possible, and we'll reply to you within 24hrs.


Q: My credit card won't go through.  What's up?  And what do I do?

Occasionally we will run into issues in which a credit card is declined.  The top reasons for this are listed in order below:

1.  The billing information entered during the checkout process did not match the information for the credit card itself.  Occasionally people will move and they forget that their credit card is registered at their old address.  In order for the transaction to go through, the billing address entered must match the billing address that is associated with the credit card.  If you make this mistake, try again with the correct billing address.

2.  All the information you have entered is correct and you know you have enough funds in the account to complete the puchase, yet you are still getting an error.  This can happen on rare occasion unfortunately.  We use a highly secure credit card processor that is backed by all of the major banks and credit card operators.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, they will have some kind of issue with a card and disable it from going through.  Then the next day you might test it and it works again.  Unfortunately it is difficult to say exactly what the problem is in this case, but if this happens to you, the best option is to either use a different credit card or us paypal.  And if neither of those options work for you, you can also try purchasing our product via Amazon.  We've listed our Amazon Store for you below:

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