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EverY Human Thinks They Have The Best Dog. And None Of Them Are Wrong.

Show a dog an ounce of love and they'll be your friend for life. They will be. In our opinion, dogs are just like people. So give 'em the best of the best... of the best. They deserve it. Shop our products for natural toys, safe remedies and supplements, and the cutest collars and leashes. All pup-proved.

P.S. Don't forget cleanup accessories. Yeah, we know it's not the most glam part of being a dog parent. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Every Dog Deserves Serious Style... Seriously.

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Some PawPLe Just Fill Your Heart Without Trying.

A dog is one of the few things in life who are as they seem. Are as they seem. Read that again. If you're a pup parent, or thinking about becoming one, you're gonna need stuff. Because they need stuff. (Love is actually number one on the need list, but we can't sell that. We would if we could.)

And we have some pretty awesome things to help you start your dog life. Or to upgrade it. Either/or.

Toys and Chews

Help your dog stay out of trouble. Because we all know they can be stinkers. Our chews give an activity to relieve boredom, stress/anxiety, and can help keep your other belongings from falling prey to those chompers.

P.S. All antlers are not created equally. Ours are completely sourced in the U.S., and aren't treated with artificial smoke or other potentially harmful chemicals. Full of nutrition with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives.


Who doesn't love a good treat? We do. And dogs do, too. So, we decided to add some amazingly awesome options for your bud. We believe the very best ingredients make a difference. Our all-natural Healthy Yappers come in two flavors: Honey Peanut Butter and Bacon Cheddar. No synthetic additives, no artificial stabilizers or preservatives. Yes, PLEASE!

Also coming soon? Four flavors of Dr. Becker Bites and some Honest Kitchen Beams.

Remedies and Supplements

Our stuff is the best of what we've found in 20 years of experience, researching and testing throughout the dog world. From Pestavert (a completely non-toxic formula which acts against mites, lice, fleas, ticks, and many other external parasites) to Inflapotion powder and capsules (helps to reduce inflammation), we only carry the safest... and the greatest.

Collars and Leashes

Even though they LOVE us, they might try to run... sometimes. So, collars and leashes are a total must have. Plus, ours are super stylish. We admire quality, so we only carry the best hemp, cotton and canvas.


We know, cleaning can be awfully tedious. But Handiscoop and biodegradable Handibags make it way easier. Plus, no one likes to make their neighbors angry by skipping this step. (Well, hopefully you don't.)


Dogs require work. But a totally worth it kind of work. There's lots more that you'll need, and we're working to expand our assortment. But in the meantime, if you have questions on what you need to give a perfect pup life, let us know.


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