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Welcome to the Hen Party. Join it. Respect it. Ain't No Party Like a Hen Party.

They're fantastic. They're funny. They're fluffy. They're chickens. They eat bugs, lay eggs, and look hilarious when they run. Non-GMO and soy-free chicken feeds and scratch? Sourced in the U.S.? Oyster shell and different sizes of grit? Yes please. Quality chicken products for quality chicken health.

Botanicals Built In To Feed, You Say? This Chicken's Down With That. Every Day.

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What Time Is It? ...Chicken O'Cluck

So... you're a chicken owner? Or thinking about becoming one? You just rose to the top of our "most awesome people ever" list. Once you know what to feed your chickens, it's pretty darn straightforward.

Feed, Anyone?

The basis of any good chicken diet is a high-quality feed. Feed provides those fluffy feathers with the right amount of protein and minerals to keep their health in tip-top shape. And it keeps those eggs comin'. (Can you say bonus? I mean, we can. And we do.)

Vitamins, nutrients... everyone needs them from their food source. Including our chickens. Check out this Garden Goodness Layer Feed with Botanicals (yes, botanicals). Corn-free, soy-free, and Non-GMO? Where do I get mine?

Grit? We've Got It.

When's the last time you saw a chicken tooth?

Grit takes the place of what teeth do... it grinds and crushes the food in the gizzards. Your birds should always have some on hand. Chickens will self-regulate their grit intake, so no worries about overdoing it. But if they need some and can't get to any, they may end up with digestive problems. So get yours, here. Growers? We have that grit too. Have babies? Here you go.


Hens go through a pretty amazing process building those eggs, and oyster shell helps out at a very specific point. The shells are built last, usually overnight - and the process can drain your chicken of calcium. The calcium in oyster shell is digested at a different rate than that found in their feed, so they have some extra during those night hours when they are creating shell. Help them out by providing oyster shell at all times, and they will self-regulate, eating it when they need it.


Chickens gotta scratch. And peck. Giving your hens great quality U.S. sourced Non-GMO scratch keeps 'em healthy and makes healthier eggs for your family, too. That's a total win.


Is it a secret that chickens love bugs? (If it is, we'll correct that here.) They LOVE bugs. One, they form part of a chicken's natural diet. When they're scratching and foraging, they're eating those insects. And what? Insects provide essential vitamins and minerals and are an EGG-cellent source of protein? Yep. They are. Black soldier-fly dried larvae is a definite fav.


We love chickens, and care about them... for real care about them. And so our mission is to provide the best of the best to satisfy their needs. And to satisfy yours. Shop what you need. And reach out to us if you need help. Because we're here. Best o'cluck!


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