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It's True. Life Is Just Better With A Cat.

Cat's have cattitude. And we love it. They're frisky, feisty, and have serious personalities. Shop our products for natural toys, cat nip (yes, please), and grooming accessories.

Only the best for your pretty kitty.

Bet You Cat Believe How Much They'll Love These Toys

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Do We Believe In Love at First Sight? Absolutely. We Fall In Love With Every Cat We See. -Gecko&Fly

If you're a purr parent, or you're thinking about adopting a new family member, you need to make sure you've got what you need. Every pet needs stuff. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it does need to be there.

And we have some pretty awesome things to help you start your kitty life. Or to upgrade it.


Cats are feisty. Capital F. Actually, let's just change the entire word to be all caps. FEISTY. And FAB. (Also, all caps.) And they need toys to pounce with and bounce with, and we've got 'em. They're all natural (because that's what we believe in). Our toys give activity to relieve boredom, stress and anxiety. Plus? They're an awesome way to interact together, and they're all proudly made in the U.S.A.

Wanna keep track of your hairbands? (Because we know cats adore them.) Check out our Loopy Luna. It's an excellent substitute for the best toy in the world.


All of the catnip products we offer are organic and sourced in the U.S.A. Planet-friendly, the company "From The Field" hand-picks lovely fresh 'nip... and that means your cat will just love this stuff. Potent, with lots of catnip-ish scent. Get ready to have some serious fun.

Remedies and Supplements

Our stuff is the best of what we've found in 20 years of experience, researching and testing throughout the cat world. From Pestavert (a completely non-toxic formula which acts against mites, lice, fleas, ticks, and many other external parasites) to Inflapotion powder (helps to reduce inflammation), we only carry the safest... and the greatest.


Cats are fantastic groomers, but it's nice to give 'em a little hand. Plus, fur ingestion is a real thing, and combing them out helps to avoid it. Need a Hairbuster Comb? It's a top seller... we highly recommend it. A grooming mitt? Have those too. Nails getting too long? Check.

If your cat resists combing, take it slow. Use positive reinforcement. Do they like to cuddle? Do it. Treats? Offer them. Grooming is a social activity for animals... and if we get it right, it can be an awesome way to bond with our BFFs.

Cats are pretty darn independent animals, but they still require work... a totally worth it kind of work. There's lots more that you'll need, and we're working to expand our assortment. But in the meantime, if you have questions on what you need to give a purrfect life to your cat, let us know.


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