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Small Pet Select - Value Choice Timothy Hay, 8LB


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#1 Amazon Top Rated Best Value Hay

This is a great value to have if you have more then just one guinea pig (which you shouldnt) it has lasted me for awhile now. My only complaint is that its stacked strangely so you have to really pull to separate the hay which turns into a mess. Its a little bit more coarse i would say versus like the kaytee brand but my guinea pigs seem to like it. At first i dont think they did but now they dont mind it.


I brought this hay to help give my bunny different textures to eat. Whether this is the first or second cutting is random. That, I suppose, helps to keep the price a little cheaper. My bunny loves it when I combine it with their High Desert 2nd cut. The hay was green and well-looking when it was delivered. He ate the hay for at least 30 minutes while sitting at the bowl I had placed out for him. I'm certain I'll order more of this hay.


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