About Us

Small Pet Select is a family owned business dedicated to providing the highest quality timothy hay and and other small animal products.  Really.  The best, ever, anywhere.

We started Small Pet Select to provide small animal owners with better quality hay products than what is sold in the pet stores.  There is nothing more important to small animal well being than hay, and we saw so many issues with these little friends not eating enough fiber.   If you give a rabbit or guinea pig poor quality hay, they will most likely pick through it and waste most of it.  And because they aren’t eating hay…they are now at risk for all sorts of digestive and dental issues.

If you give rabbits and guinea pigs higher quality hay, that same animal will snarf up that great fiber! The end result of feeding better quality nutrition is a happier, healthier pet…one who is much less likely to have to visit the veterinarian, and will enjoy a longer, healthier life.

We firmly believe our foods will help your animal get enough fiber and nutrients, and that is why we do what we do every day!