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Want to try this great hay your little ones are begging for?**

If your small animal could talk, this is what you'd hear:

1. What? Timothy hay again? But, mommmm….that's soooo boring. The curse of the leftovers. We want lots of different types of hay. The same thing every day bores us silly. Change it up with some "side dishes" of oat, orchard, or other hays!


Would you like to learn about different kinds of hay, and how to feed them?

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2. Oh, that sweet smell of fresh hay. Give us more! We’ll eat more if it smells great, we promise! Like a summer day, all that nice green smell. Fill our basket up with plenty of fresh hay!

3.  Please, please, just let me forage and be a real rabbit! Wild rabbits spend a whopping 75 percent of their time foraging and we have some of those our wild counterparts’ traits. Give us plenty of fresh, sweet smelling hay to forage through throughout the day and guess what? We’ll totally be less likely to forage your baseboards and your carpet. Good deal?

4. Mmm…mmm…those brand new shoes look delightfully yummy. Maybe they’re meant for me? Should I eat them? *Eyes hay basket and litter box.* Ohhh, fresh hay and even some toys mentally and physically stimulate. Let’s check them out instead.

5.  C’mon, surprise us! You know what we’d really, really love? Some flowers and herbs hidden in our hay. You might even catch us binkying and popcorning; that’s how much we love the different smells, textures, and tastes of the flowers, herbs, and gourmet hays.

6. Small animals just wanna have fun. You guys get to go out to dinner for a change of scenery and something different to eat, right? Well, what about us? Imagine spending the rest of your life eating the same foods from the same spot. Snooze. We want hay – lots and lots of it – and we want it in a bunch of different places like our litterboxes (don’t judge – you read on the toilet and we eat), in a basket, in a hay manger. Be creative. It’ll make us happy.

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Happy Customers

This was my first oder with Small Pet Select and my bunny loves it! He always was a poor hay eater, but this hay he can't get enough of. Same with the pellets. Excellent quality! And great customer service too.

- Katherin

The hay I receive from Small Pet Select us by far the best quality. My piggies know the difference...I love to see my piggies dive into their fresh hays with vigor and joy...does a Mommy heart good to see happiness Thank You for your heard work and sticking to quality!

- Sara

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