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Psst...hey there! 

Want to know a secret?

There are really simple ways you can ensure your pet – rabbit, chinchilla, or guinea pig – has a healthier and happier life. Even better? It doesn't cost a lot or take a ton of time.

And, best of all? Your furry friend will have a blast! Here’s what to do:

1. Give’ em lots of fresh, green HAY to keep their teeth and GI tract healthy. 



Learn all about the types of hay and how to feed your little one...

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2. Add some treat hays, and safe herbs and flowers to their hay to keep smells, tastes, and textures interesting (like in a meadow)!

3. Hide treat hays, or little piles of herbal blends, and let them “hunt."  This keeps them busy and satisfies their natural instinct to forage.



4. Give them toys that let them TUG as well as chew.  They’ll love it, and your furniture and baseboards will be happier too! 

5. Spend time with your little friend.  Real, one on one time.  Play catch, hide and seek, or dance together.

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