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5 Reasons Your Small Animal Is Begging For Hay From Small Pet Select

Pssst…guess what, hoomans? We, small animals, are just like those two-legged kids. Yep. They know when you give them the generic brand of their favorite cereal. Just like we know when you give us second-rate hay. So, forgive us if we turn up our discerning noses at anything other than the best.

Put anything other than Small Pet Select in our hay baskets, litter boxes (well, if you expect us to do anything but poop on the hay, that is!), in our treat balls, anywhere, really, and we’re not going to eat it. And, you know what happens when we don’t eat our hay, don’t you? Sleepless nights for you worrying about us. You could avoid all that by giving us what we want.

We want Small Pet Select! Why do we want it? Listen carefully, hoomins, here’s why:

1. It’s straight from the fields fresh.

Mmm…mmm…SPS hay is soooo fresh. You don’t wanna eat stale potato chips, do you? We’re the same. We want fresh hay. You’re not going to find anything fresher than Small Pet Select unless, well, you go outside to your hay farm and pick the hay yourself.

That’s right. The hoomans at Small Pet Select handpick and hand-pack every divinely delicious box of hay when you order. Hop, hop. What are you waiting for? The hay isn’t going to order itself.

2. We’ll get it really, really fast.

What good is fresh hay if it takes for – ever to get to our door? Order it now, mom and dad! Then fill up my hay basket in two business days when it arrives at the front door. 

3. It’s healthier.

You know how we get you worrying about whether we feel well when we don’t eat our hay? Guess what? When hay’s fresh, it’s healthier! Really! We’re not just saying that to get you to buy us some yummy SPS hay, either.  

4. Fresh SPS hay just tastes better.

We see how your mouth waters at those chocolate chip cookies when you take them right out of the oven. They are so fresh and so yummy, right? Well, the same goes for fresh hay. It tastes so good that we’re going to want to keep eating and eating. We both win then, right?

5.  Oh, how yummy it smells.

You know how you always complain if we don’t eat our hay? Well, sometimes it just doesn’t smell so good. That fresh SPS hay? Oh, it smells so yummy that we can’t stop ourselves from eating it. And, isn’t that what you want?

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