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$ 59.99

The most recommended containment for rabbits when they are not out in the house with you, this is the classic 36" tall, 8 panel pen.  Each panel is 24" wide.  Easy to move around, and easy to move into different...

$ 19.99

Rabbit's skin is so fragile!  These combs have smooth rounded tips to keep skin safe, and a special fur catching band to help de-fur even the heaviest of shedders.  Avoid fur ingestion by keeping your rabbit combed out!   Make...

$ 9.99

The "love glove" grooming mitt has soft, flexible rubber nibs to get the fur out without scratching or tearing delicate skin.  Very easy to use.

$ 14.99

These heavy bowls are un-flippable!  We've also made sure they are food-grade, and safe for humans and animals.  So fill 'er up!  9.5" diameter.

Out of Stock

$ 19.99

This heavy plate is large enough for a big pile of greens!  If your greens drip water on to your floor, or you add herbs and other goodies that get a bit messy, this is the perfect answer.  Enough of...

$ 35.99

Nice big un-tippable water bowl, a little pellet bowl, and a nice big low-rimmed plate for greens and herbs.  Easy to clean, and food-safe for both humans and animals.  These pieces will last for years and years!

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$ 5.99

Little animals often hang out in their boxes, and they do like lots of room in there.  We suggest the largest box you can fit in the area.  Oh...and speaking of litter box placement...if you've got a rabbit, box placement...

$ 29.99

Worried about your little animal and the fireworks?  Here's help!  We've got a little care package of chewy organic apple sticks (chewing relieves stress), a fan that hangs on the side of the pen (low constant white noise to dampen...

All the extras: combs, bowls, litter boxes, nail clippers, for the furkids, and lots of stuff for the humans too!