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$ 27.49

Perfect Blend Second Cut is THE GO-TO HAY for healthy adult animals! This hay has the perfect balance of protein and other nutrition to keep a normal, adult animal healthy, and keep things moving along properly in the gut. Small animals need an unlimited supply of this staple!

$ 15.99

Oat Hay is like the cherry on the sundae! A terrific add-in to make great hay even better and more interesting. We do rant a bit about variety, and Oat Hay makes adding in a new taste and texture easy. High in fiber to keep things moving right along, too.

$ 39.99

Trying to figure out what will work best for your little friend?  Looking for some things to make the daily hay more interesting? Here's a great way to sample four of our best selling hays. This Sampler contains: 2nd cutting...

$ 29.99

The greenest, softest, leafiest hay you can find! This hay works great for the older animals, and for Fussy McFussypants. It is lower in fiber, though, so we recommend mixing it with second cut to keep things moving through the gut at the right speed. If your animal has lost interest in hay, adding a bit of this to the regular offerings just might do the trick!

$ 27.49

The KING Of FIber! You just can't pack more fiber in to hay. This is the answer for animals who have issues with GI stasis - it keeps the gut moving right along. Our first cut has plenty of nice tops to keep things interesting. Yummy, AND full of fiber!

$ 29.99

Make hay even more exciting for your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla! Add Orchard Hay in to the mix to keep your little friend interested in snarfing up their hay every day. A nice deep green, this hay is a little softer than second cut, with a wider leaf. Mix it in to your second cut, or use it alone as a treat every now and then.

$ 18.99

"Yippeeeeee! There's clover in my hay!" There will be binkying and popcorning when you serve up with hay with clover leaves and flowers. Clover is one of the things small animals love most! We think they may be able to smell it even before the bag is open. Just a hunch.

$ 27.49

Gorgeous green alfalfa is a nutrient dense hay used primarily for animals under 1 year old. It is also a really nice treat hay, and can be wonderful for older animals who are having trouble keeping weight on. Beautiful stuff!

Our hay is simply outstanding.  Why?  Because it is so fresh, we've chosen it and packed it by hand, and it is packed in boxes that breathe.  No more middleman, no more sitting on shelves for months, suffocating in plastic!  You will feel and smell the difference.  More importantly, your animal will too!  (Added bonus: no more dragging hay home, lugging it in and out of the car, etc. - our hay is delivered right to you, and quickly!)